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Linens and Lice OR What Do I Do With The Bedding if My Child Has Head Lice?

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Anna from Honolulu called us to let us know that several kids in her neighborhood had gotten head lice or uku. She wanted us to come and check all of the children. She said at the present time all of the parents had been spending the day washing their linens and scrubbing down their house. We informed her that we would be happy to come and check all of the children, and that they should not expend too much energy on cleaning their environment. "Why not?" she asked in a surprised tone. Many parents do you not realize that head lice will only live off of the host (the human head) for about a day. That means they cannot survive on sheets, mattresses, pillowcases, clothing, the sofa or any other inanimate objects. People often spend hours disinfecting their home, washing the sheets in super-hot water, and/or bringing their linens to the dry cleaner or laundromat. The time is much better spent focused on the lice in the head. Lice are the source of the problem and as long as they are alive and viable, you will continue to have an active infestation. When LiceDoctors comes to your home in Honolulu, we get to work on the head. You can clean every linen in the house but if there is one bug still alive on your head you still have an active case and you will not get rid of your problem. We advise parents that they need to have the family sleep with oil in the hair. That way if there are any live bugs left on the bed and they try to climb back into the head the night of the treatment, the bugs will die. By the second day the bugs on the linens will be dead anyway. There is no evidence that hot water kills lice nor is the heat in the dryer hot enough to pierce the shell of the lice eggs or nits. Many of our clients often choose to wash their sheets the day that we come simply because they do not like the thought of potentially finding a live bug on the sheets. That is fine and there's no harm to that, but that live bug again will not cause a problem as long as the follow-up treatment effectively protects the hair from becoming re-infested. In short, most people choose to wash their sheets, however, as long as you do an effective follow-up plan, such as what we recommend at LiceDoctors, you do not need to worry about the linens. Always keep in mind that whatever you do in the house is optional and should not be overwhelming. With lice eradication, it is always about the head not the house! Don't waste time, energy, and money in do-it-yourself treatments that often do not work, get it done right either first time. Call LiceDoctors in Honolulu at 808-664-1237.

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