LiceDoctors Will Get Rid of Lice No Matter the Length of Your Hair!

Girl with long hair - LiceDoctors

Client's hair is well below her waist. LiceDoctors gets out all of the lice! Of course, it is a bit faster and easier when the hair is short, but we realize that many girls prefer their hair long. Claire, a Seattle mom, called us with panic in her voice. "My daughter has the longest hair and she has a ton of lice and eggs. Please HELP!", she pleaded. We promised her that we would have a technician to her house within an hour. Sherri arrived at Claire's house to find a girl who had lovely and definitely long brown hair. True to Claire's word, the girl did, in fact, have several bugs and lice eggs in the hair.

Lice technician Sherri sections the hair before combing. Well, we LOVE what we do and we especially love a challenge. Out came the oil, out came the comb, the paper towels, and the light. To get rid of all of the lice, Sherri used a methodical approach. She applied oil, sectioned the hair, combed thoroughly, and then picked and picked and picked some more. No matter how long the hair is, LiceDoctors' technicians will eradicate the infestation. If your hair is very long, it is best to keep it up in a bun or braid to avoid a reinfestation. Applying a lice repellent or gel or mousse to the hair is also helpful. If you find that you have head lice, no matter the length your hair, call us at LiceDoctors at 206-316-8637. We will treat you day or night, whatever time works best for you.

Girl getting lice treatment from LiceDoctors