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LiceDoctors Answers Frequently Asked Questions About Head Lice

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Updated on July 19, 2020

Interviewer: Are lice dangerous and do they carry diseases?

LD – No, human head lice can cause itching and a rash, but do not cause illnesses. Head lice are more of a nuisance than a danger. Head lice can not kill you, which is a question we have been asked.

Interviewer: What do lice look like?

LD – Adults are about the size of a sesame seed, have 6 legs, are wingless and have a brownish color. They get darker immediately after feeding from blood in the human head.

Interviewer: What is the appearance of nits (lice eggs)?

LD – Nits are attached to the hair within 1/4 inch of the scalp; they are glued to the hair and do not fall off. They are oval in shape with a pointy front and an antenna coming out the pointy end. They look brown when placed against a white background and are covered by a hard, translucent shell.

Interviewer: How long does it take lice eggs to hatch?

LD – Lice eggs take 7-10 days to develop and hatch. They are not contagious; only live lice can be transferred to another person; nits can not be transmitted.

Interviewer: Will chemical lice medication kill lice?

LD – The medication may kill some of the bugs but usually not all of them. There is an increasing resistance among lice to the drug store lice shampoos as well as to prescription chemical lice shampoos. In addition, some of the more efficacious chemicals have been removed from the lice shampoos due to their potentially harmful effects. These highly resistant bugs are called “super lice".

Interviewer: Do lice shampoos kill nits?

LD – The answer to that question is no because nits have an impenetrable shell so lice medications can not penetrate the shell to destroy the baby bug inside. Nits must be combed and handpicked from the hair.

Interviewer: Does that apply to chlorine? Will chlorine kill lice or eggs?

LD – The answer is no for the same reasons as given above. Chlorine has no effect on lice and can not seep into the shell of the nit.

Interviewer: Why hire a professional service. Can I do this myself?

LD – A professional like LiceDoctors is experienced and knows exactly what to look for in your hair. Your tech comes to your home and immediately provides a calming influence. She has the proper tools and expertise to find and eliminate the lice infestation. Results are guaranteed. LiceDoctors can be reached in Columbia at 443-873-2187.