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March 1, 2019

Many lice salons or clinics use a heat powered device to get rid of head lice. These devices are expensive for the salons and combined with rent and overhead, the salons need to charge a lot to cover costs. LiceDoctors makes house calls and uses a different approach and charges a lot less per family. Below is a comparison of the two two treatment options.

LiceDoctors typically uses an oil-based and manual extraction process correlated with the life cycle of the louse and developed by Dr. Stephen Beck, on staff physician and medical director. Hot air devices, also called AirAllé (formerly Lousebuster) are generally used by salons under the name Lice Clinics of America (LCA).


LiceDoctors and AirAllé report effectiveness rates of over 99%, the highest reported in the industry. LiceDoctors has 99.5% success rate (LiceDoctors is most effective) while AirAllé claims 99.2% (AirAllé effectiveness)

On her website, Virginia Beach based Let’s Be Pals owner Julie discusses some issues/concerns with the AirAllé efficacy claims, citing results of two studies:  (American Association of Pediatrics) and another study here (Journal of Medical Entomology). She writes, “The studies appear to use a lot of non committed words “an appreciable number of eggs” “nearly all”. And the study excluded subjects with a “high” probability rate of reinfestation from the follow up analysis which sort of makes it sound like the tests were manipulated to have the best possible outcome.” You can see her whole discussion at (Does the Lousebuster work?)

Conclusion: Both treatment options are highly effective, although LiceDoctors appears to have a slight edge.


LiceDoctors oil based and manual extraction protocols are 100% safe for children and adults of any age. These treatments are also safe for pregnant women and nursing mothers. In over 20 years, there have never been any allergic reactions or side effects.

AirAllé carries risk warnings on its website: the web site warns: “Can not be used on people who can not sense temperature or pain; who can not communicate physical discomfort; who have open wounds, sores…..

Note that safe use of the AirAllé device has not been demonstrated for children under the age of 4 years old….

CAUTION: Because the device delivers heated air, there is a slight possibility of scalp burn if the device is not used according to instructions.

CAUTION: Some dead or living lice and lice eggs may remain in the hair after an AirAllé treatment…after treatment a complete comb-out with a louse comb is recommended. (AireAllé Risks)

Conclusion: LiceDoctors is safer than AirAllé and is safe for all age groups, whereas the latter has not been demonstrated as safe for children under 4 and carries additional potential risks.


Here the comparison is clear. LIceDoctors’ average charges are less than AirAllé/ Lice Treatments of America.

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LiceDoctors charges $199 for the first hour (including travel) and $99 for each subsequent hour for fewer than 50 miles.
To treat a family of 4 usually takes about 2-3.5 hours (depending on degree of infestation and length and thickness of the hair).
A family of 4 averages $300 to $450 including travel. For LiceDoctors pricing details click here

AirAllé/ Lice Treatments of America salons have a range of prices depending on geographical location. The range that we found was $150 per head to $250 per head.This translate for a family of 4 to $600 to $1000! (AirAlle Pricing and Pricing)

Both services will provide information to submit to insurance companies who may cover treatment.

Conclusion there is a significant difference in price between LiceDoctors and salons using AirAllé devices; the Lice Clinics of America salons are more expensive!


Both LiceDoctors and Lice Clinics of America treatments come with a guarantee. The guarantees are quite similar.

LiceDoctors specifies a 30 day guarantee and stipulates that you will not be contagious upon treatment and that your case is considered fully eradicated after a simple at-home follow-up. In the highly unlikely event of further infestation, a technician will return free of charge. (LiceDoctors Guarantee)

Lice Treatment Centers offers a guarantee that “the treated individual will no longer be contagious. You are guaranteed to be free of head lice when the LTC® aftercare protocol is followed properly, and all follow up protocols are undertaken as recommended by the technician.  Should you still have an active case of head lice after full completion of the aftercare, Lice Treatment Center® will treat you again free of charge if in the unlikely event it is necessary.”  (AirAlle Guarantee)

Conclusion: Guarantees of both services are comparable.


The location of lice services is a significant point of difference between these options: LiceDoctors delivers its lice removal service at home, while AirAllé is typically administered in Lice Clinics of America salons. LiceDoctors arrives at your home in a regular car with no signage assuring complete privacy. Salons obviously require patrons to visit a location where there is always a risk of “being seen”. Hopefully, there is no stigma around head lice in your area (as there should NOT be), but for those folks who want absolute privacy, in-home treatment is likely a better option.

Conclusion: LiceDoctors treatment in your home is more private than salon treatments.


Of course, with today’s busy schedules, parents want the most convenient choice available. LiceDoctors offers the convenience and flexibility associated with at-home appointments. You call and tell us the time that you want a technician to be at your home. Your technician will check the family to be sure that everyone is lice-free, thereby putting an end to the cycle of passing around lice. When the first has been treated he or she can resume everyday activities. There is no need to wait around for a sibling or parent to be treated. LiceDoctors treatments at home can be incorporated seamlessly into a busy family’s schedule. In addition LiceDoctors offers service from early morning to late night, 7 days a week.

Treatments at a salon require families to drive to a salon. In most cases, all family members wait at the salon until everyone in the family has been treated, which may be a hardship for some busy families. In addition, many salons are open weekdays only or 6 days a week until 6 pm.

Conclusion: For flexibility and convenience, in-home treatment is the way to go.


We have laid out some differences between LiceDoctors In-Home Lice Treatment Service and Lice Clinics of America’s AirAllé Heating Devices. We have shown that the advantages of LiceDoctors over all other treatment options are clear. We urge you to give us a call at 214-382-9727 . and we can answer all of your questions and we can have a lice technician at your home whenever you want us.

We provide a friendly in-home lice removal service

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