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Lice Removal—Why Doing It Yourself Just Does Not Make Sense

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Updated on July 17, 2020

by Karen Keavey

In life, certain things make sense for a DIY project.  Painting a wall in your home, cleaning out your garage, even cutting your own bangs (although ultimately usually regrettable!).  But other projects are best left to the experts simply because they produce the best results.  

Sure, you could buy a hair highlighting product and attempt to do it yourself, but does it really compare to having an expert colorist design your tresses? Same with installing your own lighting in your home (electrocution anyone?) or even unstopping your always recurring bathtub clog (Drano? …Again? Gross!) And for the creatives out there, would a bestselling author edit their own novel, a mega Rockstar produce/engineer their own songs? Simply put...NO. NYET. NEIN. NOPE. small wood framed chalk board with white chalk words JUST SAY NO.Which leads me to head lice.  Not the best of segues, but oh so relevant.  

Lice removal is a delicate, arduous, and detailed operation, and one most successfully done by professionals. And that’s because not only are they experts, they’re experienced in seeing what someone who has been looking at the same head for years can’t (yes Mom, Dad, Auntie, Sis or Uncle Bob – that’s you!). Plus the key to eradicating lice is making sure that not only the bugs, but the nits (eggs) are removed, which requires a practiced, nimble-fingered, firm hand (and eye) experienced at removal over what may be an extended period of time, and should include all members of an entire family. EVERY bug and EVERY nit from EVERYONE’s head must be removed ---- and the bugs have claws that grab onto hair and the nits have a glue-like substance increasing hair strand attachment which makes each bug or egg removal its own tedious process.  And because the critters love to reproduce (female adult lice lay up to ten eggs a day), this is no layperson’s effort.  It takes a keen focused eye that knows what to look for, and a dexterous hand to grab and remove, sometimes with difficulty. All said, this is not amateur’s work.

Some 6-12 million people are afflicted with head lice each year, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. Many end up struggling with head lice for weeks, cartoon line art graphic of cellular iphone with heart on screen.months, or even years.  So, it’s imperative the job is done thoroughly and correctly the first time. No longer do quick fix efforts at the local drug store work as removal combs fail to capture all the lice and eggs, and bugs dubbed super lice have even developed a resistance to chemical pesticide treatments.  The key to total eradication is elimination of ALL eggs and bugs – which is no beginner’s game, based on the statistics of recurrence.  So, while it might seem the cheapest and easiest option, DIY in the lice world just might be a Do-It-Yourself project that never ends.

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