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Updated on July 17, 2020

By LiceDoctors Technician, Laura Whiting

The Internet is a great tool but you cannot rely on it exclusively when it comes to head lice. There is simply way too much misinformation out there. LiceDoctors, with years of “boots on the ground” experience can help you.

The internet is a wonderful way to learn. You can look up anything. You will almost always find the answers you need. After sifting through all the information you have to determine which answer is the correct answer. All the answers to all the questions in the world will do no good if you don’t know which answer is the correct answer. When it comes to treatments for lice and the safety and well being of your family you really want to know the right answer.

If you go online and search for holistic lice treatments you will get a large amount of nearly impossible to figure out information. You are left with questions even after researching ways to be rid of these pests without harming yourself, your family or the environment. You will not be able to definitively say what will actually rid your home and hair of lice. woman looking at a laptop in frustration biting a pencil.It can be a daunting process opening up and reading the pages... and reading... ...and reading... ... ...and reading.

Over the counter lice products have become less effective than they once were due to lice becoming immune to the active ingredients in these products.  “Pyrethrum, the active ingredient in Rid shampoo…and similar over-the-counter products…comes from chrysanthemum flowers that harbor natural insecticides called pyrethrums. Pyrethrums attack the nervous systems of live lice but don't always work because some lice have become resistant to the toxin” ( More importantly, nothing will actually kill the nits (lice eggs). They must be removed manually.

It’s natural to feel overwhelmed when you first encounter a lice infestation. LiceDoctors is here to help you discern fact from fiction. Our professional technicians come to your home to show you exactly what will eliminate lice from your life. Personally, I don’t know if vinegar will kill lice or make removing nits easier.  I do know I don’t want to pour acid (that's what vinegar is!) into my own or my child’s hair. acid burns yellow and black triangle warning sign.Since lice cause itching often small cuts in the skin will burn when acidic ingredients are used. I feel the same way about mayonnaise because it hardens and is difficult to work with. LiceDoctors’ treatments are healthy not only for hair but also for the environment and do not irritate already sensitive scalps.  Please visit to book your appointment, read our blogs, or to get further information.

If you find head lice (found in the head or near the scalp) or lice eggs, LiceDoctors can solve your problem. Call today for help at 310-923-9787 in Bellflower or Lakewood and surrounding areas and an experienced lice professional will make a visit to your home to treat you in absolute privacy.