Lice Prevention Tips for Families in Colorado

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We love hugs, but so do the bugs! Head lice are transferred by head-to-head contact. LiceDoctors offers tips to Colorado families on how to help guard against head lice transmission.

When and How Head Lice are Transmitted

We at LiceDoctors know that finding head lice in your families is something that many folks dread. While lice are present all year, we see spikes in the incidence in the summer, fall, and post-holiday seasons. The common thread here is that head lice spread through head-to-head contact and when children are in close contact with others, they will be more susceptible to contracting a case. In the summer when children are at camp, on playdates or at the local pool, they will be in close proximity to other kids. When they return to school, the school nurse may do a check on kids and discover several cases. In addition, when families gather for holidays, lice have the opportunity to spread from one person to another.

The bad news is that chemical treatments are ineffective. The good news is there are all-natural methods which are 100% effective in treating the lice infestation. At all times, but especially during peak lice season, it’s important to be armed with knowledge about head lice.

Tips on How to Prevent a Case of Head Lice

As many parentsattempt to rid their children of head lice, LiceDoctors Head Lice Treatment and Nit Removal Service offers valuable tips on preventing, identifying and treating head lice:cartoon graphic of a hand checking boxes on a list

  • It is important to know that not everyone itches from head lice, therefore it is important to check your child regularly to see if you see any nits in the hair. 

  • When you child returns from a play date take 5 minutes to see if you find anything translucent stuck to the hair. Nits stick to the hair; dandruff flakes off.  Bugs have six legs and they crawl; they don’t fly.  Using a bright light helps in identification of lice and nits. in the Denver, Boulder, Fort Collins, and Colorado Springs areas

  • To prevent getting lice, girls should wear their hair up in a braid or bun. The less accessible that the hair is, the more difficult it is for the bugs to get into it.

  • Put gel, mousse or spray in your child’s hair. These products put a protective layer on the hair, which makes it harder for the bug to attach to the hair.

  • Bring your own pillows if you are spending the night with friends or extended family.

  • Encourage your kids to avoid sharing items including hairbrushes, combs, hats, scarves, towels, helmets, sleeping bags, etc.

  • Take deep breaths and keep calm if you find out that your child has lice. Having lice isn’t life-threatening, but it can wreak psychological chaos on the family or those infected.

  • If you find your child has head lice, you can attempt to treat it yourself.  Comb through the hair while wet. After combing, pull out any remaining nits. In order to eradicate a case of head lice, you must remove every nit. If you leave one or two nits in the hair, the case will start all over again. Heads are infested, on average, two-four weeks before you discover you’ve got lice

  • Lice infestation is harder to diagnose than you think. All you need for a self-sustaining infestation is one fertilized female louse. They’re tiny, speedy and scoot from light

  • Lice treatment is labor-intensive and challenging as the nits camouflage in the hair. If you want the treatment to be done successfully, you may want to call in a head lice treatment service. Make sure whichever company you call gives you a 100% guarantee on their head lice removal service.

Keep in mind, getting head lice has nothing to do with hygiene. Head lice don’t care how often you wash your hair. You get lice when lice move from one head to another head.  And remember, lice only live off the head for a day so focus your efforts on the head, not the house. Do you reside in the Denver, Boulder, Fort Collins, or Colorado Springs areas? Call LiceDoctors today for same day treatment at 800-224-2537

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