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School Lice Policy Oak Park and Berwyn

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Updated on June 25, 2020

By Karen Sokoloff
April 15, 2020

Both Oak Park and Berwyn schools no longer have “no nit” policies in place. Oak Park’s exception to this is that if a child has nits (lice eggs) and the case continues to get worse, the child may be sent home.

Oak Park North Shore School District 112 


This district asks parents to apprise the nurse of any potential lice cases in a family. The nurse will check the child. If head lice or nits are discovered, the affected child’s siblings will be checked. In addition, close friends of the child may also be checked.

Children with live lice will be removed from the classroom. In addition, children whose cases worsen after treatment may also be sent home. When a case is discovered, the nurse will let the following people know: the principal and parents. She will then discuss re-entry policy with the parents and provide them with information regarding lice treatment.

The policy of notification for elementary students is that the  parent will be told about the existence of lice cases in the class and any other relevant information. Parents of middle school students who are not affected will be alerted to the presence of lice on a team if there are more than three lice infestations; this will be done at the discretion of the school nurse. Parents of all students will be notified of a lice outbreak if more than 5% of students are the recipients of lice transmission.

Parents of children with lice will be advised to share this information with child care givers and close family and friends. Once a case has been identified at school, the nurse will do a follow-up lice check a week to 10 days later.

North Short School District 112 - Health Services - Lice Protocol

Berwyn North School District 98

The school will follow the recommendations given by the Illinois Department of Public Health with respect to head lice. head lice. Parents are requested to apprise the nurse if they think that their child has a case of lice. Students with lice are permitted to stay in school all day and then should go home to be treated and then may return to school after lice treatment has been given.

The district also requests that parents check their children for lice on a regular basis at least one to two times per week for a month after school starts. It is the hope that parents will continue to do head lice checks periodically throughout the school year.

Berwyn North School District 98

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