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Lice, Lice, Go Away, Don’t Come Again Another Day

Lice, Lice, Go Away, Don’t Come Again Another Day
Updated on 
February 23, 2020

No one wants head lice...ever, but head lice must be treated. Lice will NOT go away if left untreated. They will only continue to get worse.

Denial, Anger, Bargaining, Depression, Acceptance. These five stages of grief may sound familiar to you. And if you’ve just suspected that you or a loved one may have a budding (or even full-blown) lice infestation, you may find yourself in one of these stages.

Will They Go Away ....Can I Just Ignore the Lice?

A common early-on thought that flits through many people’s minds is: what if I just don’t do anything about it? “What if,” you may wonder, “I let the lice go on untreated? Surely, they have to leave at some point, right? Find another home to move into? Another human to bother?”

If this sounds like you, we have some bad news. You may want to sit down for this. We are sorry to tell you that lice left untreated will not go away. In fact, it’s much more likely that untreated lice will only get more and more powerful and infest others close to you, ultimately.

One Lousy Bug Will Turn Into Many Lice


Ok, they won’t take over the entire town, state, country, or world. But they will likely take over the hair on your head and that of most of your household if left to their own devices. This is because lice accumulate exponentially over time. All lice need to survive are the warmth of your head and the sustenance of your blood. And all it takes to start a lice infestation is one live female bug. From there, one bug lays about 6-10 eggs (or nits) a day, and can live up to 30 days before its life cycle is up.

We can do the math for you. This means that one bug can lay up to 300 eggs before it dies. And each of those nits can go on to lay up to 300 more eggs. You can see how this can quickly this case of lice can grow out of hand, leading to a severe lice infestation.

While lice are certainly not dangerous to humans, having an out-of-control lice problem can wreak havoc on your loved ones. The more nits left on the head, the more live bugs are born. The more live bugs are born, the more eggs are laid, the more bugs are born, the more eggs are laid. The more these bugs and eggs accumulate, the less space there is on the head.


Louse: I Need My Space


As space becomes more of a commodity to lice, the more likely they are to want to move out of their crowded big city neighborhoods (or neighborheadsbedum tsss) and into the suburbs. In this case, the suburbs are really your siblings, parents, and closest friends’ heads of hair. Lice are very resourceful. Their goal during their short lifetime is to feed on your blood, stay warm, and reproduce. Where is the best place to do that? An empty scalp is ideal; after all it is a lot easier for a louse to feed on your blood when it isn’t fighting the competition of other lice.

Leaving these initial lice alone and letting them flourish will only create a severe infestation in your family, and a heightened risk of spreading the bugs to others close to you. And before you know it you might be the bane of other families’ existence.

Find a Lice Treatment that Works (Hint: We Have a Suggestion!)


So instead of resting in this stage of grief, we highly recommend that you find a treatment protocol that fits your lifestyle and budget. This can mean at-home DIY treatments, salon treatments (that may be more effective, but are more costly), or at-home professional treatments (that are guaranteed to be effective, much more convenient, and less expensive than salons). We also strongly advise you to forgo chemical treatments; they may be toxic for your children and they have been proven to be ineffective, time after time.

LiceDoctors invites you to check out the rest of our website and other blog posts for lots more information about the treatment process, your options, and all kinds of educational materials.

LiceDoctors is Rowlett and Rockwell’s leading head lice treatment service. An experienced lice technician can be at your home whenever is best for you, day or night. Your technician will work swiftly, yet thoroughly and efficiently, on all members of the family, and simultaneously answer all your questions about lice and how to prevent further infestations. She will leave you with materials to help you do a simple follow-up program yourselves. While we appreciate your business, we know you hope to never see us again! Call for an appointment at 214-382-9727 .


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