Lice Chemicals and Pregnancy, Car Seats, and the Classroom

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A young mother in Eugene called LiceDoctors to ask about whether we suggest the usage of chemical lice-killing products. She is 5 months pregnant and her 3 year old was just sent home from preschool with lice. In particular she asked if it is dangerous to use the chemicals while pregnant. She also wanted to know if the chemicals are effective and safe for cleaning car seats and her third question was whether her child's classroom should be sprayed. The answer to all of these questions is stay away from the chemicals. First of all they do not work. Second they may be toxic particularly for children and for pregnant women. Why take a chance? You can absolutely avoid insecticide shampoos by going an all-natural route that ensures that all nits are removed from the hair. There is definitely no need to spray the classroom and in fact some states prohibit the use of chemical sprays to get rid of head lice. Chemical sprays may be toxic and they are definitely overkill. Lice will not survive more than 24 hours off of the head so there's no need to try to poison them with the spray. If the child is in a day care center or classroom, and kids have lice, by the next day any live lice in the room will have died. An Australian study showed that in a classroom where one fifth of the students had lice, not one nit or louse was found on the floor or elsewhere in the room. With respect to the car seat, you may want to take a cloth and wipe it off or vacuum in the car and that is all that you need to do. If you find lice in your family, whether you are pregnant or not, LiceDoctors does not recommend the use of chemicals. Even under the best circumstances these products are often ineffective and they may actually have negative side effects. Call LiceDoctors and an expert lice technician will come to your home whenever you want and will treat you with an all-natural lice treatment protocol. In the Salem and Eugene area, call 541-632-4545 for a day or night appointment.No chemicals - LiceDoctors