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Lice: A Technician’s Tale

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Updated on July 17, 2020

By a LicDoctors Technician

Here a lice technician tells of her earliest memory of getting head lice as a child. Her experience was not a pleasant one and she vowed to find a better way.

The year is 1996 and I am 7 years old. My hair had never had a haircut and my mom was now standing over me, crying. She had called the neighbor over and they were both just staring at me, scared. My mom begins to part my hair as her friend just stares in horror. Lice! I had hundreds of lice in my hair. My mom calls the doctor with her findings and we drive immediately to his office.  The doctor told my mom I was infested. Infested?!?  We were given a prescription and a comb recommendation. My mom is now left to her own devices and she doesn't even know where to begin. She reads the instructions again and again. She combs my hair for hours, frantically cleans the house, puts all my stuffed animals in garbage bags, boils our brushes, and strips our beds. The work seems endless.

I would get sent home with lice two more times that year. My mom had followed the doctors orders and wondered what was she doing wrong? She had no one to turn to help with the process. On the third time, my parents gave me a haircut. I can remember hours upon hours of combing and cleaning.  I lost countless stuffed animals and inches of my hair. We tried prescription shampoos and over the counter remedies, but we just couldn't seem to get it right.LiceDoctors professional technician treating smiling child.

I don't want a family to go through the struggles my mother went through. I learned about better, safer, and more effective ways to beat head lice...a protocol that actually works! 

This is why I applied to LiceDoctors. When you call LiceDoctors you get a professional. You don’t have to do it alone. This isn't 1996 anymore. Lice doesn't have to be a struggle. If my mom had had someone come to the house... I think of all the time saved and struggle averted. We teach you the skills to deal with lice. If it ever happens again, you will be prepared. Our methods work and I can tell you from experience, peace of mind goes a long way!

If you or a family member has lice, fear not. An experienced lice specialist will make a house call anywhere in the Bartlett and Millington vicinity. She will remove the lice and eggs and leave you with a simple plan to ensure that you stay lice free. Call today at 901-305-8819 for help at your convenience.

LiceDoctors technician treating smiling child