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Lake Washington and Issaquah Schools Lice Policy

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Updated on June 25, 2020

By Karen Sokoloff
April 24, 2020

The Lake Washington School District (Sammamish) states that children may remain in school with lice but should go home at the end of the day to be treated.  Children may return to school after they have been treated and present with no live lice. Issaquah schools say that children may stay in school and then go home to be treated and they will be checked by the nurse again 2 weeks later.


If the nurse discovers that a student has live lice, the student may stay in school that day. The child should go home after school to be treated for lice. The school will call and also send home a letter to parents.

Lake Washington School District’s lice policy states that for the child to be readmitted to school the following day, he or she must have no live lice. If the student has nits only, he or she may return to school. If live lice are found the student will be sent home. The child will be rechecked by a health staff person 7 to 10 days to see that all nits are gone.

Lake Washington School District Lice Policy


If a student is found to have lice or nits, the nurse will apprise the parent/guardian via phone call and email and give directions as to how to treat the head lice. Parent/guardian may pick up student immediately  or get child at end of the school day to start treatment. The nurse will also check siblings. Custodian will vacuum any carpeted areas in the classroom. The teacher will bag stuffed animals.

The school nurse will check with the parent regarding treatment within 7 days and then recheck the student in 14 days. Students may return to school the day after being treated for lice. Lice infestations will be managed to avoid stigmatizing a student.

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