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Lake Oswego and Happy Valley School Head Lice Policies

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Updated on July 17, 2020

Schools in Oregon, including Lake Oswego and Happy Valley have “no live lice” policies instead of “no nit” policies. Children will be prohibited from attending school only if they have live bugs.


“Guidance provided by the School Health Specialist at the Oregon Department of Education (ODE) and the State School Nurse Consultant within the Public Health Division of the Oregon Health Authority. Thank you to ODE’s School Nurse Advisory Group for their assistance creating a best-practice set of guidelines for school nurses and school districts in Oregon.


The management of head lice in the school setting should not disrupt the educational process. Evidence-based strategies include:

  •  Abandoning “no-nit” school policies;
  •  Educating students on the avoidance of head-to-head contact and sharing of personal items;
  •  Allowing students to remain in class and participate in school-sponsored activities when live lice or nits (the eggs of head lice) are found on their heads;
  •  Notifying parents/caregivers at the end of the school day when findings indicate the presence of head lice; and
  •  Educating parents/caregivers about prevention methods, regular head-checks at home, evidence-based treatment options. (NASN, 2016)”

Source: Oregon Department of Education Head Lice Guidance


“Pediculosis (Head Lice)** The district maintains a lice-free policy in regard to head lice protocols. All students infested with live lice shall be excluded from school. It is the parent’s responsibility to ensure an approved treatment has been initiated and the appropriate environment cleaning is being conducted in the home.

The parent shall accompany the excluded student to school where the student will be screened for live lice. If live lice are still present, the student will return home with the parent. The district will provide information to parents to ensure parents understand their responsibilities under this policy.”

Source: North Clackamas SD Board Policy

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