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Kids Have Lice? Moms Beware.

Updated on April 10, 2017

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These lice are from a mom in Northwest Indiana who did not realize that she had contracted a case of lice from her daughters. Lara who is a mother of two boys and a girl in Hammond found lice on all three of her kids. She did what some of her friends had done; she drove to the drugstore and picked up boxes of lice pesticide. She carefully applied chemicals to her kids' heads and tried combing. Much to her chagrin, a few days later she saw a live louse climb off of her son's head. She went back to the start and reapplied more chemicals. Same thing happened. At this point, she was frustrated and disgusted enough to call the pediatrician who suggested that she call LiceDoctors. When we arrived at her home we checked all three of the children. On the daughter we found several nits and a few bugs and on the sons we found some remaining nits and one bug each. We were not surprised by this as we have treated many families for whom the lice treatments have not worked. The lice are very resilient today and often withstand chemical treatments. Eggs (nits) have a permanently hard exterior which repels chemicals. The big surprise to Lara was the extent of the lice infestation in her head. Above you can see a photo of the lice and nits that our technician extracted from Lara's hair with two swipes of the LiceDoctors' comb. Lara had a pretty significant infestation and had no symptoms whatsoever. In most families if a child has lice, the mom has lice. In most cases, we find lice in the moms of infested children. Dads are usually free of lice because their hair is typically shorter and therefore harder for the lice to find and because lice do not like testosterone. Moms are not so fortunate. In approximately 75% of the families we treat, if the children have lice the mom has lice. As moms we are in close contact with our children and head lice are transmitted through direct head to head contact. It is challenging enough for parents to eradicate lice in their children's hair, but it is next to impossible to treat yourself for head lice. It is obviously difficult to find lice on your own head especially in the back of the head. If you find lice in your family, give LiceDoctors a call in Northwest Indiana at 219-392-4242. Our expert lice technicians will take the burden of lice removal off of you and leave your family lice-free!

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