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Lice in the Home? Why In-Home Lice Treatment is the Way to Go

Updated on July 19, 2020

We know there are many routes you can take to try to eliminate head lice. We have been treating head lice for 20 years and we do it in your own home. Below are the reasons we believe that professional in-home head lice removal is your best option.

  1. In-home lice treatment is the most private option—While head lice are very prevalent, in fact, several million children will get them this year, there is still a bit of a stigma attached to it. That is very unfortunate, but, nonetheless true. Most people want their privacy when it comes to head lice. 
  2. In-home treatment works best for families with busy schedules— In today's world, multiple kids mean multiple schedules. In-home treatment allows each child to return to his or her routine after being treated rather than having to sit at a salon waiting for siblings.
  3. In-home treatment eliminates the risk of picking up a case at a salon—The whole family should be checked. It's possible that one of the children will be lice-free and there is no need to expose the child to a facility that caters to people who are infested.
  4. In-home treatment has lower overhead and therefore should have lower prices—Salons often charge by the head and treatment for a family of four can run as high as $1000. LiceDoctors’ average charge for a family of four is under $400.
  5. In-home treatment allows you to get to work changing the sheets while your children are being treated— At LiceDoctors we say it is the head not the house that needs treating because lice will die when off the hat head. Nonetheless, we know that many people prefer to change their sheets and you can get started while we are working on the heads.

If you discover head lice in your son and daughter, give us a call in the Bowie area and we will make a house call to you and will eradicate the lice infestation so that you can resume your daily routine without worries about head lice. Call us day or night at 240-720-74919. You will be relieved that you did.