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How to Prevent Lice Transmission at Sleep-Over Parties

How to Prevent Lice Transmission at Sleep-Over Parties
Updated on 
April 17, 2020

As a parent who is responsible for your child and a group of her friends for a whole night (and let’s face it, managing a slumber party for a night can feel like it goes on for a full week) is tough duty. First of all you need to make sure everyone is safe, second that here are no fights, and third that they get some sleep.

In the safety realm, you must include reducing the chances of lice transmission. Two key things:  

1. Let other parents know of your goal to avoid all potential lice spreading activity and ask them to check for head lice before the party.

2. Remind your child that being careful is top of her agenda and provide a refresher as to how lice are transmitted.

How Are Head Lice Transmitted?

oak park how are head lice transmitted do you get lice

It’s key that you and all parents of children at the sleepover know how lice is spread. You do not need to worry about lice eggs (nits) because they are not contagious. Head lice are extremely contagious and are primarily spread through head to head contact with someone who already has lice. Much less likely, but still possible, is the sharing of items used on the head – brushes, hats etc. --  (sharing is not caring).  LiceDoctors - 10 Most Common Ways and Places to Pick Up A Case of Head Lice

Since children who are at slumber parties tend to sleep in close contact, the chances of spreading life are fairly high if someone has a case. Lice are most active at night so as soon as the lights go out the lice have a field day (night?) moving from head to head. This is actually the ideal scenario for a transmission of head lice, especially given that your heads may be together for hours, giving plenty of time for lice transmission.

A Few Party Don’ts and Dos

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The following will contribute to lice spreading:

  • taking selfies with other kids (perhaps do solo shots!)
  • hugging (high fiving should be substituted for the evening!)
  • putting heads together in any activity (huddling up!)
  • getting all in one bed or sleeping bag (we suggest the fun, star sleeping bag shape)
  • sharing pillows (a big nope)
  • sharing headgear -- meaning combs or brushes, hair ties, barrettes, scrunchies, hats, and even hoodies etc. (kids should only use their own)
  • sharing towels or other personal items:
  • rough close play -- wrestling, climbing, or coming into very close head contact with the other kids
  • playing hairdresser

Do’s (some cool fun ideas for the evening that don’t involve the above and are anti-lice!)

The following are ideas to prevent lice transmission:

  • have kids wear hair up before they get to the party -- maybe an UPDO theme if all the girls have longish hair just so all hair is harder for lice to get to
  • have all kids put the bottoms of their sleeping bags to meet by their feet…making a fun star flower shape, and automatically keeping heads safely separated
  • play texting games – each kid adds a word to a sentence or line to a story and passes it on! (yes, the first time we’re actually happy to have our kids texting!
  • play board games
  • get creative – have art or writing activities where the kids are in personal “creative” mode -- painting a copy of an item that’s in the middle of a circle, writing separate “solo” plays and then acting them out individually, have a group spelling bee, or a movie sing along (Grease, Pitch Perfect, Disney, and others depending on age)

After the Party

  • Head check your child immediately after the party
  • Look for signs of lice like scratching or a red rash on the neck.
  • Do not worry about how to kill lice in your home (lice cannot live off of the head for very long). Don’t look for the best lice treatment for furniture; look for the best lice treatment for your head!

With the above in mind, a sleepover can be a fun, fearless, fabulous event! PARTY ON!

If You Find Lice What to Do

If you discover lice on your child, give LiceDoctors a call in Oak Park or Berwyn and surrounding areas at 312-765-7266. A lice specialist will come to your home and end that problem quickly yet thoroughly. 

If you decide to try to treat lice on your own, you need to know how to keep from getting lice yourself. Always wear a shower cap or something over your hair so that you don’t get lice from your child. Also, it is important to know how to use a lice comb. You need to divide the hair into sections and spend ample time combing out nits. There is no such thing as a one day lice treatment. The reason for this is there will always be microscopic nits in the hair that were just laid that day. You need a treatment that will remove all visible lice and nits and then you need to do a follow up plan to ensure that you get rid of lice permanently.

oak park head lice prevention treatment removal natural home remedy

Home Remedy for Lice Treatment

The best route is to look for natural ways to kill lice. If you want to do this on your own, then going natural is how to kill lice at home. The idea here is to suffocate lice and then comb out nits. Some examples include neem oil treatment, natural lice treatment with tea tree oil, alcohol-based lice treatment, apple cider, mayonnaise, vinegar, and anise oil. LiceDoctors - Do Home Remedies Work? The negative of these products for killing lice is that you may experience an allergic reaction to lice treatment such as these and, aside from often not being effective. Never use a kerosene head lice treatment which is flammable and dangerous.

OTC Remedies to Kill Lice

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You may be tempted to remove lice from the hair with a lice shampoo from the drug store. Don’t do it. We are often asked does lice shampoo kill lice and the answer is: it will kill some lice but not super lice; super lice can be there after treatment because they have developed a resistance. Does lice shampoo kill nits?  The answer is definitely not.  Nits are immune to all chemicals. These eggs must be picked out of the hair. Lice treatment shampoo side effects may include rash, stinging, headache, and dizziness. Examples of over-the-counter lice treatment include permethrin (Nix Lice Treatment Kit and Elimite) and pyrethrin (Rid Lice Treatment,  Pronto Lice Killing Shampoo, and A-200 Lice Treatment Kit). LiceDoctors - Are Lice Pesticides Safe? Stay Away From OTC and Prescription Lice Treatments

Prescription Lice Treatments

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Of the various ways to kill lice, lice medication is probably the most expensive. It also will not be effective if you don’t comb out all of the nits. Potential side effects include rash, burning, headaches, nausea, and dizziness. Examples of these head lice medicines are malathion (Ovide), ivermectin lotion (Sklice), spinosad (Natroba), benzyl alcohol lotion (Ulesfia), and lindane. LiceDoctors - Does Medication Kill Lice?

And There’s LiceDoctors—the Safe and Effective Lice Treatment 

oak park safe effective home lice treatment removal nit bug egg louse professional

You want a head lice treatment that works without any potential side effects and that is what LiceDoctors delivers to your home. An experienced professional lice specialist will make a house call to help your family with the best way to remove lice.  She is an expert at killing lice naturally and getting rid of lice eggs. You cannot have a successful lice treatment without combing and handpicking the nits. Your technician has the skills to be 100% thorough and then she will give you a simple aftercare plan to ensure that the lice are gone permanently. You will not be contagious after one treatment. She will educate you on how lice is spread and give you other facts that are helpful to know so that you know how to prevent transmission if you ever get lice in the future.

The best lice treatment place is right in your home. Let’s face it, no one wants to look for a hair lice treatment or go to a lice treatment salon where you don’t know who has been sitting in the chair before you do. When you are looking for a head lice treatment center near you, consider the advantages of a mobile lice service that treats you in the utmost privacy and with personalized service right in your home. Having a professional lice treatment at a price that is often half the cost of service at a lice clinic is a win-win for you. 

You want someone who can make an accurate head lice diagnosis in all members of your family, including you. LiceDoctors has the honesty and integrity that has kept us the leading lice service for almost two decades. Medical often covers lice treatment if you have an HSA or FSA and some insurance plans cover it as well. LiceDoctors has been making house calls for many years and has successfully treated over 500,000 clients. The treatment is easy for kids and easy on parents. Call in Oak Park and Berwyn at 312-765-7266.

We provide a friendly in-home lice removal service

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