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How to Prepare for a Visit from the LiceDoctors OR Let’s Make this Lice Treatment Easy!

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Updated on July 17, 2020

By LiceDoctors Technician, Corrie Sweeney

You want to get back to your regular routine and keep your family on an even keel. You call in a lice professional to get rid of the intruding bugs. Below, LiceDoctors tech, Corrie, gives tips on how to maximize your LiceDoctors’ visit:

There are a few things you can do to make your visit from the LiceDoctors go as quickly and smoothly as possible. The first thing to do is have everyone change into clothes you wouldn’t mind getting a little oil on. We comb oil throughout the hair as part of the treatment and that can sometimes drip onto your clothes. We do our best to keep all the oil contained, but there still may be some drips.little girl in pajamas sitting in blanket fort under table holding stuffed animals Some people bring out towels to drape around the shoulders as well. The technicians will bring something to cover the floor and work surfaces, but it’s best to wear something you wouldn’t mind getting a few drops of oil on. Some children wear pajamas for the treatment.

The next thing to do is pick a spot in the home you would like the technician to do her work. Good lighting helps, but more important is picking somewhere with a hard surfaced floor if possible. We wouldn’t want to take the chance of getting any oil on carpets, so a kitchen, dining room or bathroom is a good choice. In good weather, outside or a garage is always an option. Most technicians are very flexible with where we can do the treatment. We bring all the supplies needed to complete the job, you only need to supply a chair and small table to put our tools on.

It’s also a good idea to prepare children for the visit. Let them know someone will be coming to comb out their hair for them. If there is time, have them eat before we arrive. Hungry children don’t want to sit and have their hair combed out. Many parents set up a movie or show on the TV or a tablet to watch during the comb out. We try to make the treatment as rear view of child watching tv, soft focus television in backgroundfun and easy as possible for everyone, but small children can sometimes get nervous with a stranger, especially one who wants to comb their hair. If they have a full belly and something to keep them occupied it really does help.

Sometimes when I get to a job, a client tell me that her friends or a relative also has lice and she will ask if they can come over and be treated or if I can go treat them as well. If you do know of someone outside the family who is going to want to be treated, please make sure to mention that to the dispatcher when you call to book the appointment. If it is another family that wants a treatment, it’s best for them call and make their own appointment. This helps the technician be prepared ahead of time with enough time and supplies if we have an accurate headcount before we head to our destination.

What you DO NOT need to do is clean your house top to bottom. I have arrived at jobs where every article of clothing and bedding was piled up to put in the washer, stuffed animals and toys were in plastic bags, and mom or dad was running through the home vacuuming everything. There is really no need to do any of that. As LiceDoctors likes to say, “Treat the head, not the house”. Lice will die when they are off the head for 24-36 hours. If you are treating the head and following our follow-up plan, you don’t need to worry about cleaning and sterilizing everything. We will give you a few basic tips, like washing the bedding you slept in the night before, and how to take care of brushes and combs, but you definitely don’t need to bomb the house with chemicals or waste time or energy cleaning every surface in your home and car.

All of the technicians are experienced, professional, and compassionate. We want to put you at ease and leave you feeling totally satisfied with our work. These few tips will help you be prepared for our visit and make the job a little bit easier for everyone.

If you do encounter lice in your family, don’t despair. Help can be on the way with a single phone call to LiceDoctors in the Surprise area at 602-753-0289 . Our prices are lower than salon prices and lice treatment is guaranteed to be effective!