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What to Do with Your Child’s Possessions if She Has Head Lice

Teddy bear stuffed animal plush peeking out of old suitcase like quarantine

Updated on July 19, 2020

I love my stuffed animal. Do I have to put him in a bag because I had head lice?”

You have your hands full because your kids have head lice. We get the drill because we have seen it hundreds of thousands of times. You are doing everything you can to get rid of those bugs. You go on the Internet and you read that you have to put everything into bags, maybe put the bags in the garage, and wait two weeks. You gather up all of her clothes, toys, stuffed animals, combs, brushes, and anything else you can think of that she might've touched. You have just used your time efficiently and done what you can to get rid of the head lice. Correct?

Sorry but the answer to that is a big NO. Actually what you have done is wasted several hours of your time. Head lice are generally not located on any of these items; head lice are found where their name suggests… on the head! But you may ask, what about the ones that crawled off of the head? The answer to that question is head lice generally do not crawl off of the head and onto an inanimate object. The only time lice leave a head is to go directly to another head.

Head lice are not like bedbugs. They don't reside off of the head, waiting for you to return. They simply cannot do this because they need to feed multiple times a day and they need the exact temperature of the human head. If by some chance a bug falls off of the hair, which is not likely, it will only survive a few hours. You can spend day and night cleaning your house and bagging your child's toys but keep in mind that first of all the bugs will die off of the head regardless of whether you do this cleaning and second that the cleaning is extra meaningless if there are still lice left on the head.

What is a parent to do? We suggest that you either try to treat your child on your own or call in a professional. Treating a child on your own can be challenging; it helps to put the child in bright light then comb and pick out all of the lice and eggs. Don't leave any eggs behind or they will hatch and then you are at the beginning again.

Alternatively you can call LiceDoctors in the Hoover and Bessemer areas at 205-598-2117 . An experienced lice professional will take over your case and treat your family in the privacy of your family home. No chemicals are used and she will educate you as to what to do for follow-up at home so as to ensure that you do not get the case back again. LiceDoctors has the most experience and the lowest prices in the area. Technicians are available day or night at your convenience.