Lice and Newborns: How to Deal With Lice in Infants

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Lice and Newborns: How to Deal With Lice in Infants

By LiceDoctors Technician, Nikki Palmer

Having a newborn baby in the house is more time-consuming than perhaps any other stage of life. You are busy all the time and likely sleep-deprived. If you have other children...there goes sanity! The last thing you have time for is head lice.

Finding head lice in your child is very stressful. family, mother father child, admiring baby on bed.Finding head lice in your infant can push you right over the edge! Head lice can affect any human with hair...even the littlest ones. To be clear, a baby can not be born with head lice but if he/she is around someone who has it and the infant has any hair, he/she is a potential target. Some babies are born with a mop of hair and they are the most vulnerable but even a baby with very fine wispy strands is susceptible. In fact, lice are capable of living on hair strands that are a quarter of an inch long.


We know that infants communicate their needs by crying, but obviously they can’t express or demonstrate by scratching that they have head lice. So, how does a parent know if her baby has head lice? Here are a few tips:

  • Weekly Check: Check the newborn’s hair in natural sunlight for the best exposure. Lice and nits are very small and can be difficult to spot in dim lighting.
  • Check for Signs: Lice feed on the human scalp which can cause irritation and redness.


When treating a newborn for head lice, it is important to be extra careful of their sensitive scalp. For the first year of life, the baby has a soft spot on the top of his head. This delicate area is purposed to allow the baby to travel through the birth canal. We recommend forgoing a lice comb on a newborn as the tines are sharp and may be dangerous. Instead, look in the hair and pick out any signs of an active infestation. The most effective way to treat a newborn with lice is to do a strand-by-strand check. You can do this by examining each strand of hair for lice or nits (lice eggs) and pulling out each one—one by one. You can follow up with baby oil if your doctor okays that.

Ask for Help

Do not be reluctant to ask for assistance. When it comes down to treating head lice, even in newborns, LiceDoctors is here to help. soft focus hand reaching out to help a woman who appears to be in danger of falling into body of water.This is a time when you really need extra hands on deck, and LiceDoctors can remove this burden from you when you need help the most. Your technician will know exactly what to do to eradicate the lice from your infant as well as from siblings and mom and dad. Keep in mind that lice are passed by head to head contact so if your infant has lice, chances are 90% that you do as well.

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