How To Screen For Head Lice

The incidence of head lice is on the rise in Wisconsin. There are many contributing factors and one is that it is difficult to screen for lice if you are not trained to do so. Many cases go unnoticed until after they have been passed along to several others. Head lice are small and move swiftly through the hair, making them tough to see. The eggs (nits) have a translucent shell so they blend in well with the hair making it hard to distinguish them from the hair. To eradicate an infestation, first you need to ensure that what you are looking at is indeed lice. Below is a guide:

  1. Child Looking Out WindowWe advise that you place child near a bright window as natural light helps you to see the infestation more easily. If you don't have access to natural light then make sure that you are using a bright lamp.
  2. Part the hair and then separate into small sections. Pin up all sections except the one you are working on.
  3. Separating Hair for Lice InspectionTake the section and feather the hair. Look carefully at each hair strand.
  4. Try to find nits in the hair as they are easier to find than lice which are evasive. You are looking for oval shaped eggs that have a translucent shell and are glued to the hair.
  5. Inspecting for LiceIt is important to note that nits aren't white. if you find white things in the hair you are looking at either dandruff or hair casts.
  6. Once you have confirmed that there are nits in the hair, you must eliminate them all.
  7. Comb first and hand pick second. Grab the nits and pull them off the hair.

It can be very challenging to be able to find and distinguish nits (lice eggs) from dandruff and debris in the hair. The lice bugs scoot quickly and you need to pin them down to remove them. If you find you need help with lice eradication in Wisconsin, call LiceDoctors for same day service in Madison at 608-535-5604 and in Milwaukee at 262-923-8340. LiceDoctors makes house calls at your convenience day or night.