How Long Does It Take For Lice To Be Visible?

How Long before lice are visible?

If My Children Were Just Exposed to Head Lice Is It too Soon For Them To Be Checked? We received a call today from a mom in Philadelphia whose children had been exposed to head lice over the weekend. They had spent the weekend with their friends and after they returned home, this mom got a call that the friends had been found to have head lice. This mom was very concerned that her children might have nits but wanted to know if it is still too soon after exposure for her kids to be checked.

Never Too Early To Get Checked For Lice

If you have been exposed to head lice, it is never too early to be checked. If you have picked up a case of lice, chances are there is still a bug in your hair. That bug is laying eggs (nits) at a rate of 6-10 per day. There is no reason to wait. If we find head lice, we will remove the bug(s) before your case gets worse. If we don’t find lice in your hair, we will get you started on our olive oil follow-up plan. What that means is IF you have nits (eggs) that are still too small to be seen you will be proactively treating your lice case before it becomes full-blown. In addition, you will have peace of mind! We all know how important that is. Also, keep in mind that you cannot catch nits, only bugs and that bugs scurry very quickly away from the light making it hard for the untrained eye to detect.

Some People Never Show Symptoms

It is also important to keep in mind that some people never show symptoms of head lice. So if you are waiting for your child to start scratching, that may not happen. Some people are very itchy from a few lice bites while others have several bugs in the hair and do not feel anything. LiceDoctors recommends that if you think that your child may have head lice, give us a call. We can help you out. Lots of families in the Philadelphia area have used us and are happy that they did.