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How Do I Tell My Child's Friend's Parents That My Child Has Lice?

How do you tell friend their child has lice?

It's a tough call to make. Nobody wants to be the bearer of bad news and the news that your child may have innocently transmitted lice to another child is loaded for many people. You may feel responsible even though you didn't expose your child to lice (intentionally). You may feel like you will be judged for not keeping your child and/or house clean. If the parent you are telling is the panicky type, this will add to your anxiety.

LiceDoctors recommends the following strategy:

1. First, if you are not sure whether you should say something, we suggest that it is a good to let people know. This gives people the opportunity to uncover a case of lice at an earlier stage, when it is a bit easier to treat. It is also best for your child that her friends get treated so as not to keep passing along lice to your child.

2. When you place the call, we advise you to have some basic information to share with the other parent. For example, lice are a nuisance but don't carry disease. Anyone can get lice; hygiene is not a factor. Head to head contact is the way most lice are transferred.

3. Some people have lice but are not itchy so they should check their child even if she is showing no signs.

4. The best way to check for lice is in bright light and look for translucent eggs with tiny brown bug inside. These eggs (nits) are stuck to the hair.

5. If, upon doing a lice check, they find bugs or nits, they must remove everything. It is often advisable to call in a professional service like LiceDoctors to expediently eradicate the case. 6. Cleaning the house from top to bottom and doing loads of laundry is a waste of time; they do not need to kill lice in the house as the lice die naturally off the head within a day or so. Head lice are very contagious. While delivering the news of a possible head lice transmission to a friend is not easy, most people are appreciative to be given the heads up. Remember LiceDoctors is here to help in any way we can. Our lice education center is a valuable resource.

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