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How Do I See Lice and Nits (Eggs) on the Head?

How Do I Find Lice

We receive a number of calls from Columbus area parents asking us this question. Lice and nits can be challenging to spot on the head, particularly to the untrained eye. Lice are the bugs and they tend to scoot away from the light. This means that as soon as you start to move the hair around to find them, these bugs will move away from you very quickly. Bugs vary in size from tiny (newborns are called nymphs) to about the size of a sesame seed. They are brown, have six legs, and are wingless. Nits are the eggs laid by the lice. You cannot have eggs in your hair without having had a louse there to lay them. The louse may have moved out of your head and onto someone else’s and that is why you may find eggs but no sign of the bug(s). Nits also range in size from tiny to about the size of sesame seed. Over the 10 days or so that it takes the nit to mature, it grows in size. Nits have a translucent shell which houses and protects the baby bug that is growing inside. They are glued to the hair shaft close to the head. They may have a whitish look in the hair but when removed, they are brown. Nits camouflage in the hair, which adds to the difficulty of identifying them. Often we see families who have tried in vain to eradicate lice and nits. That is because if you leave a couple of nits behind and untreated, they will hatch and the cycle will perpetuate. Since nothing penetrates the shell of then nit, it is imperative to have an effective plan for removal. LiceDoctors technicians have a very long history of helping families with this challenging task.