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Houston School Lice Policy

Updated on April 14, 2017

Houston, Texas and Vicinity - Schools Lice and Nit Policy

According to the Texas Department of State Health Services’  (DSHS) web site, each school district can set its only policy regarding head lice and readmission to school. Therefore, there is variety among schools as to how strict a school is regarding readmitting students after they have been treated for head lice. In an area as big as Houston and surrounding communities, there will be varying criteria once a student has been treated for head lice. Some schools have eliminated their  “no-nit” policy.

Some Houston Schools Maintain Strict “No Nit” Policy

The DSHS states that it is concerned that schools that have a “no nit” policy “will place a disproportionate amount of emphasis on pediculosis management rather than on other more legitimate health concerns which should be of a higher priority.  This over emphasis can lead to unproductive use of time by school staff and parents, missed classes, unnecessary absences, and parents missing work.” Other schools maintain a strict “no nit” policy as they fear that children with nits will be in school when the nits hatch and then transfer the live bugs to other children.

Lice Removal Service Available in Houston

No matter what the lice policy is in your Texas school district, children who are treated by LiceDoctors Head Lice professionals are able to return to school the day after treatment 99.6% of the time. If getting rid of lice is your priority, call us in Houston and surrounding areas at 713-966-6116. Linda, Carrie, or Kelly will check your family and provide a treatment of lice that will eliminate all nits and lice.  We guarantee it!