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A Case of Head Lice...It Happened to Me Too

rear view of head with hands fingers scratching long brown hair.

Updated on July 17, 2020

By Tierna Moser

Before she worked at LiceDoctors, Tierna had the same experience that many parents face...her daughter got head lice. Here she tells her story.

I will never forget that day. My daughter had been complaining about itching for some time. I checked her head several times but hadn’t seen anything out of the ordinary. “You just have dandruff.” I told her, “Wash your hair better next time, make sure you scrub your scalp and here’s this dandruff shampoo. Start using that.” Kids right?

We all went on with our lives until she came back to me a week or so later at the end of the day, clawing her scalp. “Mom, my head is really itching! It feels like something crawling.” Slightly irritated and inconvenienced I checked her head again. And then…I saw it. I questioned myself but what I’d seen was unmistakable. anxiety woman screaming holding her headA little tiny bug darted faster than lightning across her scalp in the part where I was looking. I shrieked and backed away as a million things went through my head all at once. “How did this happen? We always keep her hair up in a tight pony tail…we are clean people! How long has she had this? Poor thing! I’m a terrible mom! I should have looked longer than I had over the past few weeks. Do I have it? MY head itches!!! Who else has she given this to!!!!!???”

Then reality set in. It was getting close to bed time and my daughter was going to a friend’s house the next day…I was dropping her off on the way to my full time job first thing in the morning. I had to do something. long view of a cart in a drug store pharmacy aisle.jpegOff to the store I went to get the stuff in the aisle where nobody wants to be seen getting anything. I returned home armed with an over the counter treatment, a really expensive nit comb that was supposed to be better than the one in the box, repellant shampoo, mayonnaise, mouthwash, and all the essential oils that google told me were effective at repelling lice. I couldn’t take a chance on anything generic that might not work so I didn’t skimp on anything. I can’t remember how much it was but I probably spent a good $100 just on that one trip, not counting the other subsequent trips I made in my paranoia to get whatever else anyone told me would help me get rid of this problem.

When I returned home that night my poor daughter who happened to have long, thick, luxurious hair was subjected to my version of head lice treatment. The long night began with a heavy dose of the over the counter pesticide shampoo that has long been the go-to for families. woman holding mop and cleaning supplies wearing rubber gloves and glassesThen I went through her hair, piece by piece, removing each individual egg with my fingernails. The expensive grocery store comb that was supposed to be superior? I found out the hard way that it was useless. My process didn’t stop with just her hair….I had to do what I could with my hair, and in between treatments and during the breaks that were needed, I cleaned. Boy did I clean. My daughter and I spent hours that night commiserating over our sore backs and tired eyes. We stayed up that night until about 2 am when I was satisfied my daughter wouldn’t be spreading anything around.

I wish I could say the buck stopped there and that all my work paid off right away, but getting rid of head lice is a process, so my daughter was subjected to a few more of my hand picking sessions along with various lice treatment potions I made up to ensure it was gone. The cleaning also didn’t stop. I probably spent another small fortune on electricity, bleach, and hot water cleaning everything every day.

I was one of the lucky ones. At the time I wasn’t sure what exactly worked, but the infestation was gone. excited woman with long brown braid looking up with raised hands wide smile celebrating.I now know because of my experience with LiceDoctors that what actually did the trick was the diligent nit-picking and the follow up treatments that killed any live bugs hatched out of any eggs I missed. I wish I had known at that time about this company. My husband and I both worked full time and, of course, this came at the most inconvenient moment. Looking back, I would have called LiceDoctors right away to treat us both. I wouldn’t have wasted so much time and spent so much money on all of the other treatments. I would have been sold a high-quality nit comb that actually worked, educated on what I really needed to do to clear the infestation and why, and best of all - I would have been given peace of mind.

Well now, I know. If we ever face lice again, I will do it the LiceDoctors way...with a technician in my home. LiceDoctors can come to you from early morning to late night any day of the week and on weekends. Treatment is covered by HSA’s and FSA‘s and by some insurance companies. Call LiceDoctors today at 215-344-1413 for chemical-free, effective treatment in Havertown or Upper Darby.