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Treasure Coast School Lice Policy

Updated on April 14, 2017

School Lice Policies Treasure Coast, Florida

Port St. Lucie Schools

School Head Lice Policy Treasure Coast

Schools in Port St. Lucie have a "no nit" policy, which means that if a child has lice eggs he or she will be sent home from school. The policy is stated as follows, "Students with school verified cases of head lice will have 2 excused absences per incident up to a maximum of two incidents per semester. Students who return to school with lice or nits and who are sent home that same day or who remain in the clinic/office will not be counted as “in-attendance” and will have the absence unexcused...Parents should also accompany their child to school to have their head checked by the health paraprofessional or nurse when returning from a head lice absence."

Indian River County

Indian River County school district also maintains a no-nit policy. "Students are not permitted to remain in school activities with evidence of live lice. Student excluded from school for head lice or nits will be allowed up to three (3) school days to remove the lice or nits. After three (3) school days for a single occurrence, the absence will be considered unexcused unless the principal/designee extends the excused classification for special circumstances."

Brevard County Schools

Kids Smiling Treasure Coast Schools

Schools in Brevard County have a more lenient head lice policy than the two aforementioned districts. Children with live lice will be sent home from school, however children with nits may remain in school. The child is sent home with educational materials about head lice and treatment options. The school does not inform other parents about head lice cases. Keep in mind that school districts in the Treasure Coast may change their head lice policies. You should keep up with the school nurse to be sure that you have the most up-to-date school lice policy. If you do receive a call from the school nurse that your child has lice call LiceDoctors at (772) 879-5671 and we will help you today.