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Head Lice is Particularly Prevalent Among Younger Children

Updated on April 16, 2017

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Head lice are way more common today than they were several years ago. The chemical treatments are less effective as the lice have grown resistant to them. In addition, younger children attend pre-school in greater numbers than in the past. The young ones are more likely to pick up a case of head lice from a classmate than are older children for the simple reason that they are in closer contact with each other. For lice the primary vehicle for transmission is head-to-head contact. LiceDoctors cautions against the use of chemical lice remedies particularly in the heads of little ones. We have treated many families where the chemical treatments have failed. Why expose young heads to potentially harmful chemical treatments? Lara, a young mom in Oklahoma City, found herself in this situation. "My daughter came home from preschool with lice that she picked up from her best friend. I applied the drug store treatment on her head and then combed and combed. I was so disappointed when 2 days later I found more bugs in her hair. I so regret exposing her to possibly toxic chemicals at such a vulnerable age. They did not even work!" Of course the best course of action is prevention and to that end LiceDoctors advocates education. Schools including preschools and day care centers are in a position to send home materials about lice identification and prevention strategies. Administrators, teachers, and parents should know what lice look like and the do's and don'ts of lice and nit removal. It can be helpful to bring in a speaker on the topic; LiceDoctors gives educational power point presentations at schools. If your child has head lice, no matter what his or her age is, LiceDoctors will come to you (in an unmarked car) and get rid of the infestation. Your treatment will be a step-by-step,  safe, and effective one that works on young children and adults alike. That's a guarantee! Give us a call today in Oklahoma City at 405-416-5484 and in Tulsa at 918-236-8596.

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