Head Lice in Men and Boys

father and sons in plaid shirts smiling and laughing
While less commonly found on the heads of males, lice do show up on both men and boys; lice are more prevalent on boys than men.
Although more commonly found in females, males are not immune to head lice. In fact, thousands of males are diagnosed with head lice each year. This is because lice attach themselves to hair so they can feed off blood on the scalp. So, if there is hair present on one’s head it is possible to get head lice. The good news for bald men is that lice is not something they need to worry about.
Head lice is more prevalent in females because they tend to have longer hair than males. Longer hair makes it easier for a louse to attach itself and make its way to the scalp, where they feed and reproduce.
However, many males are diagnosed with head lice every year, with boys being more prone to head lice than adult males. One reason for this is that boys tend to be in closer contact to each other (“horsing” around, group hugs in sports, sitting on the couch playing video games) than men are. In addition, some sources believe that head lice dislike testosterone, which may be another reason they are less likely found in adult men. According to an October 2012 edition of the parenting magazine Junior, “It’s rare for fathers to get head lice, so some experts believe they don’t like testosterone.” http://www.juniormagazine.co.uk/health/factfile-headlice/12654.html
Bald and balding men are not usually infected with head lice. The same cannot be said of boys with buzz cuts, although they are less likely than boys with longer hair. Lice and nits can attach themselves to any amount of hair that is left on the head. So, while it might be tempting to shave your child’s head after a diagnosis of lice, know that treatment will still be needed. The benefit of the buzz cut would just be that it will be easier to spot the lice and nits in the child’s hair. It is important to know that hair salons and barbers are not allowed to cut hair that have lice or nits present. To make sure that your son is lice and nit free it is best to call LiceDoctors at 713-976-6116 where we offer safe, chemical-free and effective lice treatments by expert technicians. For more information about who gets lice and why sure to check out our Education Center