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Head Lice Case Before and After LiceDoctors Treatment

Updated on March 18, 2020

Woman pulling her hair out

Call LiceDoctors before you get to this state. We can help you today! Sara V., a mom of 4 school age children in Albuquerque, called LiceDoctors last week and she was very frustrated. She asked us for help and we explained that our technicians treat families with a guaranteed, all-natural step by step treatment that gets out the nits (lice eggs) and lice. She asked us to come right away and the conversation ended with her saying, "I have tried everything. This better work! I am literally pulling my hair out!" We assured Sara that she was in excellent hands and that her technician, Ashley, would put an end to what she called "head lice hell". Ashley arrived at Sara's home at 11 am and went to work oiling, combing, and then picking out by hand the nits and lice in the hair. Methodically, she worked to section the hair and comb and pick from all angles. Because of her experience, Ashley was able to see and retrieve all vestiges of the infestation. Experience means a lot with nitpicking and the average person, like Sara, simply doesn't have that kind of expertise. Why would she? After working on the entire family, Ashley completed her mission. She had combed out nits and lice and wiped them on a paper towel. Sara's reaction was "I can't believe it! Those came out of my daughter's hair? I have been treating her for days!

At the end of the treatment, Ashley combs through Sara's daughter's hair and no nits or lice are left! Ashley spent time with Sara educating her about head lice, how to find them on the hair, and what to do to help prevent a future lice infestation. Sara called us this morning to say thank you and to tell us she has not seen a single nit or louse since we left. "Please" she requested, "Share my story as it may help others." And that is what we have done! For expert lice treatment any time of the day or evening, in your home, call LiceDoctors in Albuquerque and surrounding areas at 505-738-1478.

paper towel with no lice or nits