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Head Lice and Babies

close up image of blue eyed baby face

Updated on July 19, 2020

Can this little person get head lice? The answer is YES.

If a person has any amount of hair on their heads it is possible to get head lice; this includes babies. It is possible because head lice attach themselves to the hair shaft to get to the scalp, which is where they feed on blood.

This can be very alarming to parents with infants, and especially those who also have school-aged children. But one of the most important things to remember is that head lice do not carry any diseases that can be spread to humans. They are merely a nuisance that needs to be eradicated.  

The good thing is that most babies have thinner hair than children or adults, so it will usually be easier to spot lice or nits (lice eggs) in their hair. Most cases of babies with head lice are found in homes where there are older school-aged children. They tend to get head lice at school or camp and then bring them home to their younger siblings and other family members. Head lice cannot fly or jump and are mostly spread through head to head contact, so children should be monitored if they have a known case of lice. Sharing toys and stuffed animals is not something to be very concerned about, because lice cannot live longer than a day outside of the human head.

LiceDoctors offer safe, chemical-free and effective protocols to rid your child(ren) of lice infestations. It is very important to remember that you should never use chemical lice shampoos on babies. We also do not recommend using prescription or home remedies on infants or spraying the home to get rid of the lice. If you find that one of your children has lice or nits it is important to be proactive so as not spread the lice to other members of the family, especially if there is a baby in the household. For the safest, quickest and most successful treatment plan we recommend you call LiceDoctors at 713-976-6116 so an experienced lice professional can treat the entire family as soon as possible.