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Head Lice and the Active Family

Updated on April 9, 2017

Family Mountain Biking

There's never a good time to get lice, but somehow head lice manage to strike families at the worst possible time. This is especially true for active families; families who are on the go really can not afford to be sidelined with head lice. Emily from Colorado Springs called us in the past couple of weeks: she and her family were headed off for a weekend of travel basketball. Her son is a key player on the team and just learned that he had a head full of lice. She did not have the time to fool around with treatments that might or might not work. Her son needed to be lice and nit free in order to play in the tournament. We have received calls from families all over Colorado who had events looming ahead. Natalie from Monument found lice in her hair 2 days before her wedding. Julie from Denver got a call from the school nurse that her daughter had lice the Wednesday before her Bat Mitzvah. Tim from Security-Widefield was about to leave with his family for a weekend of snow boarding when his daughter started scratching her head.

Head lice threatened to stop these families in their tracks. They all knew people who had run to the drugstore to buy lice chemicals that had failed to work. They had friends who had called pediatricians only to be informed that the doctor does not want children with head lice in their offices. They also knew people who had tried to treat their children themselves only to end up aggravating themselves and their children by not succeeding to eliminate the nits. Professional lice services like LiceDoctors are experienced and know how to effectively put an end to a case of head lice. This is particularly valuable for families who are active and do not have the luxury of time to try treating their families on their own. If you want your family to be lice-free and not contagious, give us a call in the Colorado Springs area at 719-445-1013. Don't waste precious time doing an onerous task that is better left to the professionals. After all wouldn't you rather be out and about with your family enjoying yourselves? LiceDoctors is available 365 days a year, day or night. We will come to your home at your convenience.

Head being treated for lice in Orlando