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My Head Doesn’t Itch, Might I Still Have Lice?

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Updated on July 19, 2020

“ daughter has lice but I don’t think I do because I have no symptoms. Am I lice-free?” Answer: Not necessarily. Not everyone feels itchy from head lice.

Oftentimes, people hear the words “head lice” and you will see their hands automatically move to their scalps to scratch, even if they haven’t been exposed to lice. But did you know that head lice do not always cause itching? While, that is often the first symptom people notice before a diagnosis, not everyone gets an itchy scalp when they have head lice.

Whether you have an itchy scalp is not dependent on the number of lice in your hair, it depends on your sensitivity to their bites. So, someone can have many lice and not feel anything at all or have only a couple and not be able to control the urge to scratch. This can make it a challenge to remove the lice, as some people who are asymptomatic might not feel anything until their scalps are infested with hundreds or even thousands of lice and nits.bumps of inflamed skin reaction to insect bites

Parents often feel guilty that they did not catch their child’s case of head lice earlier, until there are many bugs and nits in the hair. This is sometimes due to the child’s lack of itching. Head lice live, reproduce, and feed on the human scalp. Like mosquitoes, when head lice feed they bite and inject saliva into the bite to prevent the blood from clotting during their feeding time. Some people are sensitive to the bites which cause them to itch, but others are not, just as mosquito bites affect everyone differently. So, for a person who does not get irritated by the bites, head lice are sometimes not discovered for months.

Contracting head lice is no one’s fault and no one is to blame for not finding them immediately. They spread easily from direct head to head contact with a person who has them, on clean and dirty hair. If you think you or your child has been exposed you should go outside or near a window and look at the scalp in bright light. You want to look for lice eggs, or nits; these are translucent and about the size of a sesame seed, so they are hard to see especially in lighter colored hair. The nits stick to the hair and must be pulled off individually, they will not flake or be brushed off. Every nit must be removed to be completely eradicated of head lice. Finding a live bug can also be difficult because they move quickly along the scalp and will move away when hair is moved or they are exposed to light, but if you have a more advanced case you may be able to see a louse crawling in hair.

Because of the difficulties of seeing head lice on your own, the best bet is to call LiceDoctors to have one of our professionals take care of it for you. Your technician will use a safe, natural, and effective treatment to kill the bugs and remove the nits, eradicating head lice from everyone in your home.

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