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Grand Prairie and Irving School Lice Policies

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Updated on July 19, 2020

Irving Public Schools

Children should be treated at home and are allowed to remain in school with head lice.

What about school?

  • Head lice is not considered a communicable disease and is not a health hazard.
  • Children will not be excluded from school, although treatment must be started before returning to school the next day.
  • School officials will ask all parents to check their children’s hair at least weekly as lice is common in communities and through research has been found to have a very low rate of spread to others in the school setting.
  • Teachers and staff will be informed of ways to decrease head-to-head contact in the school setting.


Grand Prairie Schools

This school district has a more stringent lice policy then Irving’s policy.


Please notify the school nurse or school personnel of any illness or medical condition for which your child is being treated or monitored.

A parent, guardian or designated contact will be notified immediately to pick up a child from school who presents any of the following conditions:

Live head lice (defined as live insects or nits closer than 1⁄4 inch from the scalp before treatment). The student shall return as soon as possible after treatment.

According to the assessment of the School Nurse, if staying in the classroom is counterproductive to the student’s education, or the safety and wellness of others, a decision may be made to send the student home.

The parent will be expected to come for the child within an hour or a reasonable time agreed upon with the nurse or school personnel. In the event the parent, guardian or designated contact cannot be reached, a parent conference may be held at the earliest opportunity to establish correct contact numbers, school district expectations and parental responsibilities.”

If you discover head lice in your son and daughter, give us a call in the Irving and Grand Prairie area and we will make a house call to you and will eradicate the lice infestation so that you can resume your daily routine without worries about head lice. Call us day or night at 214-382-9727 . You will be relieved that you did.