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Garden City and Franklin Square School Head Lice Policies

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Updated on June 25, 2020

It is always a good idea to check with your child’s school for the particulars of how you should manage their head lice. For your convenience we have provided a link to the Garden City School Board policy which indicates that they do not hold to a strict no-nit policy, instead only they exclude children who are proven to be a risk for spreading head lice.


The Garden City Public Schools have instituted the following policy in regard to students identified as having head lice. The following procedures are to be followed:

  1. Individuals suspected of having head lice will be checked by the school nurse. If the suspicion is confirmed, the child will be sent home and the parents shall be advised to contact their physician for advice and direction in treating the situation. Further, they shall be informed that their child will not be allowed to return to school until the condition has been thoroughly treated and the child does not pose a risk of further transmission.
  2. In the primary and elementary schools, other children in the class of the infected child shall be examined. On the secondary level, other students will be examined as indicated.  Any individuals found to have head lice shall be sent home with the same notifications as above.
  3. Records shall be checked to see if any infected child has a sibling or siblings in the district. If siblings are in attendance in any school in our district, those children shall also be inspected for head lice. It shall be the responsibility of the school nurse first identifying the case to notify the nurse, or nurses in the other schools where siblings are in attendance.
  4. Upon returning to school after treatment, a student must report directly to the nurse's office for inspection and permission to return. The child will be re-admitted when the school nurse determines the child does not pose a risk of transmission.
  5. Approximately a week to ten days after a child has been treated, that child shall be re-examined as a precaution that re-infection has not occurred.
  6. When an instance of head lice is discovered in a particular class, a general notice shall be given to the parents of the class alerting them to the fact that a case(s) of head lice has been discovered.

Source: Garden City PS Board E-policy # 5420.1

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