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Four Corners: One Lice Treatment Method Used By LiceDoctors’ Technicians

Four Corners: One Lice Treatment Method Used By LiceDoctors’ Technicians
Updated on 
April 3, 2020

When a technician comes to your home, she will do several things that ensure complete removal of head lice.  One is to use oil to suffocate lice, another is a strand by strand check (time consuming, but WORTH IT), and I also use a special directional combing technique that I like to call “the four corners” method.  When combing the hair, I use a very specific pattern (north, south, east, and west) throughout the entire head to ensure that all lice and eggs are removed from the hair.  I will not leave a section until I am sure that I have combed everything out.  I will show you this important method and go over a follow-up plan before leaving your home.

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Transmission of Lice

Lice transmission occurs when one person has a live louse that crawls from one head to another person’s head. Take a look at kids in middle school. Walking down the hallway and seeing a friend you haven’t seen since yesterday merits a big hug. Watch kids at a soccer match: one person gets a goal and the whole team jumps up and down...in group hug. How about preschoolers who are literally on top of each other?  You get the idea: it is nearly impossible to gets kids to keep their distance from friends. That is why kids are most likely to get head lice and bring them home to share with the family. Needless to say, if you spot your child or her friend scratching excessively, separate the children right away and conduct a hair lice check.

You may be thinking, “I thought head lice can be spread through clothes and brushes.” While this is true, it is not a likely scenario. One thing about lice: they live on the head, not on objects, where they will die quickly.  In almost all the families that I have treated, a child got lice from a friend. It is very difficult to prevent the spread of head lice.

There are not hair fairies that carry lice from one head to another. Lice transmission occurs when a louse uses its short legs to crawl from head to head. Lice have a strong drive to live (their life span is 30 days) and they are very contagious. It may take a few weeks until you have signs of lice. If you feel itchy, then definitely have someone do a nit and lice check. To prevent from getting lice when checking, pull your hair up in a bun or wear a shower cap or scarf. If you are unsure how to identify lice, call in a professional service.

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How to Control the Spread of Lice

By the time a child is diagnosed with head lice, it is likely that he or she has had it for weeks. The life cycle of lice is such that lice lay on average eight eggs a day. When the eggs mature in a little over a week, they lay more eggs. As such the infestation accelerates as time goes by. People often don’t feel any symptoms of head lice and they do not begin scratching until lice have been in the hair for weeks. This obviously makes preventing the spread more difficult,

Nonetheless, when you spot any sign of lice, separate the child until you start the lice killing process. Nits cannot be transmitted but lice are very contagious. Until all lice are dead, avoid close contact with an infested person.  Check all family members. If one member is infested then it is very probable that others are, as well. You may very well need to treat the whole family.

We do not recommend spending hours cleaning the house to get rid of head. Spraying with a toxic lice killer is definitely a bad idea since it is not effective and is toxic. The key to lice elimination is the head, not the home.

According to Johns Hopkins pediatric dermatologist Bernard Cohen, M.D.  “...disinfecting your entire house is not necessary, as transmission of head lice from inanimate objects is rare.”  Hopkinsmedicine.org

You Must Kill All Lice and Remove All Nits to Eradicate Head Lice Permanently

You want to do a thorough hair lice check so you know what you have to remove from the hair. Any sign of lice must be removed. To accomplish this task, make sure that you check children and adults. Keep in mind that you can find lice in adults, including the elderly. If grandma and grandpa have been around your children, they should be checked. If your babysitter, nanny, or childcare giver spends time with your child, then she should be checked as well.

Four corners lice removal is a very easy method

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to learn in order to help avoid another visit from LiceDoctors.  This technique works on all types of hair… curly, thick, thin, dyed hair, or whatever else. It is definitely the best lice treatment for long hair as the combing starts at the root of the hair and continues to the end of the strand. The technician will split the hair into sections before beginning. This is an easy way of keeping track of what part of the hair has been done. The technician will then comb the entire head using the four corners method while looking with magnification and lots of light.  Using the four corners technique will ensure that all of the hair has been combed.

The four corners - north, south, east and west - simply translates to: over, under, side, and side. In other words, using the lice comb, you will comb the hair from front to back (north to south). Next you will take comb and comb from the nape of the neck forward (from south to north). The next two steps include using the nit comb to comb from left to right and then right to left. This method can be done by the infested person, or with help from whomever is available– mom, dad, sister, etc.  Your hair should be combed section by section in a quick but thorough manner in order to catch anything that might have been missed.  Wet combing is the best way to ensure that the process goes smoothly. This process will get rid of lice and is also an excellent way to comb out nits.

This combing process is the best home remedy for lice treatment because it is one of the natural ways to kill lice at home without using over-the-counter or prescription lice treatments or other chemicals. A big question people ask us, especially in summer, is does chlorine kill lice?  The answer is no. We had a discussion recently with Carly, a mom from Kyle. She was surprised to find lice in her daughter’s hair. “ My daughter was taking swimming lessons in an indoor pool that was heavily chlorinated. I had said to my husband that I had heard that chlorine kills head lice so we don’t have to worry about her getting lice for awhile, which is a big concern of mine. Ironically a couple of weeks later I actually found lice eggs in the hair. I couldn’t believe it. I was sure that chlorine killed lice.” Sorry, but chlorine, like other chemicals, does not affect lice.

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Wet Combing is the Safest Lice Treatment

You may be surprised to know that often lice shampoo does not kill lice and it may cause side effects.  Lice have evolved into creatures, called super lice, that are immune to chemical lice treatments. Nits (lice eggs) have never been vulnerable to lice medication. Stick with wet hair and combing and you will be safe because it is a non toxic lice treatment. The American Academy of Dermatology (AAD) confirms this recommendation, advising people to seat someone under bright light. Then wet the hair to help stop lice from moving away from the comb. The next step is to section the hair and starting at the scalp, comb downward by sections. 

If you call in a lice professional from LiceDoctors, your specialist will use an effective lice combing strategy like four corners to be sure that she is getting rid of lice eggs as well as all of the bugs. She will then do nitpicking which involves identifying and locating any remaining nits, squeezing them hard, and pulling them out of the hair. This is an integral part of the process because tiny nits may slip through the teeth of the nit comb. She will then go over a basic follow-up plan that will give you the insurance that you need so that you will complete the lice remediation and prevent head lice from returning.

As part of your lice consultation, your technician will also provide plenty of educational information.  The more that you know, the less scary a case of lice is.  There are no short cuts. You need to make sure that you do not leave nits behind untreated or they will hatch and you will be confronting another infestation eventually. This is why it is beneficial to bring in a lice professional. If you want the best lice treatment with a full guarantee read on.

LiceDoctors to the Rescue

LiceDoctors is a mobile lice squad. Let's get an expert lice technician to your house today to treat you in absolute privacy.  There are a lot of treatment choices available to people who get head lice. Prescription lice treatments and drug store lice shampoos we definitively reject because they have chemicals, are potential toxic, dont kill nits, and often dont work. Others such as natural herbal remedies like tea tree oil, anise oil, neem oil, and more may work to suffocate lice but they also may trigger allergic reactions.

LiceDoctors offers a unique combination: the expertise and resources of a national lice removal service combined with the accessibility and personal touch of a local business. No case is too challenging.

If you find head lice in the San Marcos and Kyle area or anywhere in and around Austin, LiceDoctors will make a house call to get rid of your lice problem. Call today at  512-318-2929 for safe and guaranteed to be successful lice treatment in the convenience of your home at prices that are lower than lice salons. What could be better than convenient at home lice treatment at an affordable price? Treatment is covered by HSAs and FSAs and by some insurance providers.

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