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Finding Head Lice Before a Big Event and What to Do!

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Updated on July 19, 2020

Let’s face it: finding head lice in your child is never fun and there is never an optimal time. Quincy mom, Carly, had the unfortunate experience of finding head lice two days before her daughter's birthday party. Here is her story:

Carly is the mom of two young daughters. She considers herself very organized and is a “big planner”. Her daughter's birthday was coming up and she had everything ready to go. Two days before the party a bug climbed out of her daughter’s hair, thereby threatening to upend her carefully orchestrated plans. Her words describe this scene better than ours could.

“I am a compulsive planner and had almost everything in place for my daughter's tenth birthday party. The party was scheduled for Saturday and Thursday night my daughter and I were sitting at the dinner table stuffing the goody bags. Right before my very eyes a bug crawled out of my daughter’s hair and on to her shoulder. After freaking out, I flashed back to the past few days and realized that she had been scratching her head. I must have been in denial about it but on some level I noticed it. You can only imagine the scene. I had candy and toys strewn around over the table and I was trying my best to remain calm so as not to upset my daughter. Sadly, I failed as she saw a wild look in my eyes. Believe it or not, as I started to slowly lose it, my daughter took control of the situation. Her best friend had dealt with lice two weeks before and a lice professional had come to her home and had treated her. My daughter called her friend and got the name of the company: LiceDoctors!” - Carly in Quincy, MA

We at LiceDoctors received a call from Carly at 6:30 that night and she wanted us immediately. We have been treating families for two decades and we know that when you gotta get rid of head lice, you gotta get rid of it right away! We placed a call to Sharon, a technician who lives near Quincy, and she was at Carly’s house by 7:30.

Carly continues, “When Sharon walked in the door, I literally threw my arms around her. I felt such a level of relief knowing that the answer to our problem was standing right in front of me. I loved the convenience of the house call which allowed my daughter to be treated while my son did his homework, and then my son could he checked while my daughter got ready for bed. I was able to continue my routine and buzz around the house doing what I needed to do until it was my turn. The process is incredibly well organized and amazingly it worked. There was not a single sign of lice after Sharon was done. I must say my daughter's birthday party was that much sweeter knowing how fortunate we were to be able to pull it off!” Carly in Quincy, MA

There is no lice problem too big or small for us to handle. No need to panic if you find lice, just call LiceDoctors at 617-517-4197. We have a solution to all head lice problems. We have treated hundreds of thousands of clients and we can get rid of the lice in your hair so that you can get back to your life.