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Feel Like A Bad Parent Because You Got that Call from the School Nurse that Your Child has Head Lice....DON'T!

Updated on April 13, 2017

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So often we at LiceDoctors hear from parents that they feel that they should have known that their child has lice. "How did I miss it?", they wonder. As Denise, a mom in Troy, Michigan said to us last week, "I feel remiss somehow. Like, how how did both of my kids have it so bad and I didn't notice it?" We reassured her, as we have reassured many parents, that it is actually easy to miss a case of head lice for weeks. You may have even seen your child scratching her head but just assumed that it was dry skin. A lot of people develop dry scalps, particularly in the dry winter months. You may have even tried an anti-dandruff shampoo. After all if you do not know what lice and nits look like (and why would you if you have not previously dealt with an infestation), then it is easy to overlook them.

Why is a lice outbreak hard to identify? There are two major reasons: lice run around in the hair and scoot quickly across the head if exposed to light. If you move around the hair, lice can move so fast that if you blink you'll miss them. Then there are the nits; they are camouflaged so they blend in to the hair. The nits are tiny and are stuck to hair shafts with a glue-like substance. If you are not a trained lice expert it is actually very easy to overlook a case of lice for weeks or even months until either you see a bug crawl out of the hair, the itching worsens, or you get that unwanted call from the school nurse. When LiceDoctors arrives in your home, we have 3 major goals: to eradicate the nits and lice, bring you peace of mind, and to educate you about lice so that you can try to prevent a future infestation or if you do get lice again in the future you will be equipped to nip it in the bud by catching it early. Give us a call in Michigan and we will be at your house today to take the burden off of you...and please do not berate yourself in any way! In Detroit and Ann Arbor and surrounding areas call (248) 633-8827 and in Grand Rapids and Lansing call (616) 965-2591.

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