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Fairfield School Head Lice Policy

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Updated on July 17, 2020


Fairfield Schools do not implement a “no-nit” policy. Students with nits (lice eggs) may attend school.

Fairfield-Suisan schools have dropped their "no nit" school lice policy now allowing students with nits to re-enter school with the expectation that they are receiving treatment at home. "Head lice are small insects that live on people’s scalps. They cause itching and are fairly common in children. When a child has head lice, one can usually see small white nits on the scalp. Nits are the eggs produced by the lice...While head lice can be uncomfortable and downright annoying, newly updated guidelines from the American Academy of Pediatrics say: 'Head lice are not a health hazard or a sign of poor hygiene and are not responsible for the spread of any disease'. The new guidelines also reinforce previous recommendations to eliminate “no-nit” policies at schools, as they do not affect the spread of lice and can lead to children being sent home unnecessarily. The National Association of School Nurses has the same recommendation."

Source: Anna Kyle Elementary

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