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Especially Cold and Snowy Winter Means More Lice Cases?

Updated on April 15, 2017

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Although that may seem like a paradox, in fact, it is true. This exceptionally cold and snowy winter has meant that more people have stayed inside with their families. Schools have canceled days and children who can get out go and play with their neighbors. Parents have missed work which means that they are home more with their children. When you have all of this downtime and togetherness, it affords the opportunity for lice to be transmitted from person to person and gives parents more of an opportunity to notice that their children are scratching their heads. Think about an average classroom. Children go and sit at their desks and as they get past preschool and kindergarten, there are fewer activities where they are working together head-to-head or playing at some activity in ultra-close contact. Now consider kids who are in their homes with other kids or siblings. They may be playing video games sitting right next to each other, or watching TV on the couch, or wrestling. All of these activities allow lice to go from one child's head to another. We have been treating families with lice for 20 years and this winter the incidence of lice has been especially high. Yes, there is the ongoing trend of lice developing greater resistance to the pesticide shampoos, but lifestyle always plays a role. There is always a spike in the incidence of lice after school vacations as again families are in closer contact, giving the bugs opportunities to move from head to head. As Mary St. Louis reported to us two weeks ago, "This past month we have been snowed in quite a bit so we have enjoyed family time. We had movie day, we played board games and my kids relaxed a lot on the couch. Then this happy scene was interrupted when I noticed two of my kids scratching their heads. A lightbulb went off in my head as I recognized the telltale sign of lice." If you are in the Missouri, whether the Kansas City, Saint Louis, or Springfield areas, and you suspect that your family has head lice, LiceDoctors will come to you, no matter how cold it is, and help you out. Give us a call in Kansas City at (816) 226-6351, in St. Louis at (314) 627-0325 , or in Springfield at (417)-319-6818, and your technician will eradicate your head lice today. That's a guarantee.

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