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EEEEEKK! Bugs! Symptoms of a Head Lice Infestation

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Updated on July 19, 2020

By LiceDoctors Technician, Laura Whiting                                                                                  

Eeeek! Bugs! Is usually our first reaction to finding head lice on the heads of our young ones. After that, the reaction gets worse!cartoon blue emoji with shocked expression

That's usually our first reaction to discovering uninvited six-legged guests in our world, and especially the kind that love to get up close and personal.  The first reaction to lice, especially if you are a parent who has never had to deal with these little uglies before, is understandable.  Your mind goes to all extremes.  You might even find yourself wondering if you have to burn the furniture, rip out the carpeting, and start shaving heads! These little nasties are quick to get comfortable and set up house in your hair.  

FEAR NOT!  They are not nearly as difficult to evict as you might think and there is even better news.  There is no need for heavy, toxic chemical treatments either!  It's true! 

Over the years, lice have become very resistant to the chemicals on the market that young parents used 20 and 30 years ago.  What worked then, simply won't work any longer.  It was also believed that you had to get rid of any plush toys or teddy bears.  People literally spent thousands of dollars to have carpeting, drapery, and furniture professionally cleaned.  Or worse!  They spent a small fortune to replace everything.  Thank goodness we no longer live in the dark ages of the 1980's!  You can keep your furniture and carpeting, too! 

Before getting excited, take a few simple steps to ensure that what you are dealing with is actually a head lice infestation.  Look for these symptoms:

  • A tickling feeling of something moving on your head or in your hair
  • Sores that develop from scratching itches
  • Irritability
  • Difficulty sleeping
  • Red bumps on your head, neck, shoulders or behind your ears
  • Appearance of lice eggs, or small whitish objects in your hairgraphic black and white drawing of a man scratching his head

There are times that head lice can seem impossible to deal with.  Occasionally we do things counter productive to treatment.  The main reason that lice treatments fail is due to the growing resistance among head lice to traditional pesticides. Not following the instructions for a follow-up treatment used can cause symptoms to persist and infestations to return. Finally, re-infestation can occur if the person was treated successfully and the lice were eliminated, but then the person becomes infested again by lice spread from another infested person.  That everyone in a family be checked for lice is important to eliminating an infestation.

Like all that is found in nature, lice have an equal opposite.  Lice have a natural nemesis that is very friendly people who know how to eradicate them safely and methodically: LiceDoctors technicians. With one educational visit, your technician will eliminate the head lice and give you simple follow-up directions to ensure that the lice do not come back. In the East Bay Area, call for same day help at 510-269-8043 .