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Dublin and Delaware School Head Lice Policies

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Updated on July 17, 2020

Schools in Dublin and Delaware school districts do not hold to a strict “no nit” head lice policy. Children are allowed to return to school once treatment has begun, and they will be monitored  to ensure the infestation does not return.


“In accordance with OAC 3701-3-13, when head lice are detected on a child at school, the child shall be excluded from school until after the first treatment. A parent/guardian will be notified to pick up the student for treatment that day. The parent/guardian and child are expected to report back to the school clinic for re-examination the following school day. If the student is found to be free of live lice, he/she will return to the classroom. Students with live lice will be re-excluded for further treatment.”

Source: Dublin Elementary Handbook


“Children can return to school as soon as treatment is started. Call the school to inform the school nurse. She will ask you about your student’s close contacts and assess those students for head lice. Your student will be discretely monitored for three weeks.”

Source: Delaware Schools 14 Lice Plan

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