Don't Fall for Bad Lice Advice

street sign with the words RIGHT and WRONG with arrows pointing in opposite directions

Below is lice “advice” that you might hear or read about. If you hear this, run for the hills. It is WRONG. We have been treating lice for 20 years and have heard and seen everything there is to hear and see about head lice!

Scrub the house clean, do loads of wash, and put toys in bags for two weeks—NOT. You do not need to do this and here is why: lice need to feed on human blood three times a day or they will die. If a louse is on clothing or a stuffed animal or a chair, it will starve to death. Lice can live off the head for only a day or so.

Use a hot hair dryer to burn the lice and eggs—Ahhh, if it were only so easy. If this method killed lice, then lice would not be very common. Alas, lice are very hearty and their eggs (nits) have a hard shell that is impervious to the heat of a hair dyer.

Get a crew cut or shave your head to really make sure bugs and eggs are all gone—This might work if you use a 0 blade so that there you are absolutely bald. Most people leave a little stubble on the head or leave a crew cut, and that is all the lice need to hang on and suck the blood from your head.

Put your child in the shower or bath to drown the lice—Water will not wash lice out of the hair. The bugs cling onto the follicle with such force that water has no effect on them. Likewise, the nits are cemented onto the hair with a strong glue so that they too are resistant to water pressure.

If all else fail, bring your child to a swimming pool as chlorine kills lice—Again, that would be nice but it is not true. Lice are resistant to chemicals and chlorine is no exception. Chlorine will not kill lice or nits.

In order to put an end to a case of head lice, you must remove all bugs and nits from the hair. The way to do that is to apply a product that will get into the breathing apparatus of the bug and suffocate it or slow it down so you can comb it out. Then you absolutely must remove every nit from the hair. If you leave some in, they will hatch and the cycle will continue. If you need help with this, we will be there at your home to treat you naturally and completely. For more information on what to do and what not to do be sure to check out our Education Center and give us a call at 206-316-8637 so that we can put an end to your lice woes. You will be happy that you did.