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Don’t Let Head Lice Drive You Crazy!

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Updated on July 19, 2020

Yes, lice are annoying. In fact, they can be VERY annoying. Below are five facts to keep in mind to help you maintain your sanity.

  1. Anyone can get a case of lice. Getting head lice does not mean that your children are dirty or that you have been a negligent parent. What it means is that your children are out in the general population. No one is immune to head lice and they are very common especially among today's school-age children. 

  2. Children are no longer prevented from attending school in most school districts. While this is controversial, children are now permitted to attend school even if they have lice. This is owing to recommendations by the American Academy of Pediatrics and the National Association of School Nurses that permit to attend school even if they have lice. The decision was based on the fact that children were missing too much school when they were not ill and because many children have been in school for weeks before their case is identified, giving them ample opportunity to transmit the lice by the time it is diagnosed. 

  3. While lice are a nuisance, they will not make your child sickgraphic black and white drawing of a man scratching his head. Yes, head lice can causing itching and they will not go away by themselves, but they are not dangerous nor do they carry diseases.

  4. Regular head checks help you to keep on top of the situation and to make it more likely that if your child does get lice, you will catch it at an early stage. While lice can be eradicated no matter how severe the case is, it's easier and faster to get rid of lice at the earliest stage of an infestation. The best way to check the head is to bring your child to bright light and use a magnifier. What you were looking for are nits (eggs) that are stuck to the hair. The actual bugs generally move too fast for you to see them. Pull out anything suspicious and place it against a white background. Nits will be sesame seed sized, brown, oval shaped, with a pointy front.

  5. If you find nits, you can try to remove them on your own with a comb and lubricant. Often this task is more difficult than it seems. In order to get rid of a case of head lice, you have to make sure that all of the nits are gone from the hair. Also there can be no live bugs left. What usually happens is that a few nits are left left behind because they camouflage in the hair, are very small, and are basically difficult to find for the untrained eye. The other path that you can take is to call LiceDoctors. An experienced technician makes the process very easy for you. She comes right to your home and checks everyone in the family because lice are so contagious. She will treat everyone who has a case and will leave you with simple after care instructions and will educate you to help prevent future lice infestations.

LiceDoctors professional technician treating smiling childOften LiceDoctors treatments are less costly, far more effective, and have no side effects when compared to prescription or over-the-counter treatments. Your lice technician will come to your house and do a section by section methodical treatment and then meticulously handpick remaining nits from the hair. The treatments are safe for everyone from newborns to the elderly. Call LiceDoctors in Orland Park and Tinley Park and surrounding areas at 312-765-7266 to receive your lice treatment today. You can’t beat the price or experience level of LiceDoctors!