Does Oil Actually Help to Solve A Lice Problem?

pouring olive oil on a lice victims head

Hilary P. from Chester, New Hampshire had reviewed our web site. She and her family had been struggling with a nasty case of head lice (is there any other kind?) when her cousin in Boston told her about LiceDoctors. Hilary wanted to understand how oils actually work to get rid of head lice. Furthermore, she inquired, "If olive oil works, why do I need LiceDoctors?" Excellent question which we were happy to answer. Oil is a good step in eradicating head lice. To answer the first part of her inquiry, oils serves two purposes: oil suffocates live bugs and loosens the nits (lice eggs). Olive oil is a thick oil and it does an excellent job of getting into the breathing apparatus of a louse. In addition to killing the bugs, you must get rid of every nit in the hair. What happens if you get out most of the nits but not all of them? You will have a problem in that the nits that are left in the hair will mature, hatch, and unleash baby lice (nymphs) that will eventually mature. Within a few weeks, you will be back where you started with a full-blown case of head lice. Your tech will comb out nits that have been loosened by oils. The more challenging step is to find and handpick all remaining nits. This is where LiceDoctors comes in and why suffocating bugs is an important part of the lice treatment process but not the cure. For that you need someone who can get out all of the nits. Oil does not seep through the hard outer shell of a nit. There is no way to kill a bug that is INSIDE of a nit. The only way to deal with nits is to PULL THEM OUT OF THE HAIR. In order to do that you must be able to find and identify all visible nits. LiceDoctors technicians are experienced at doing just that. Your tech will suffocate the bugs and comb them out. She will wipe the nits on a paper towel where they are visible. Again this is a good first step, but unfortunately, it is not enough to eradicate the lice. It is essential that nits be physically removed from the hair. This is best done on dry hair ideally by someone who has experience  so that she/he knows how to find nits (which camouflage in the hair) and knows how to pull them out of the hair (they are glued to the hair). The problem that many families encounter is that after attempting to nit pick, they see the return of of an active case because they have unknowingly failed to get out all of the nits. There are tried and true methods for nit picking and no infestation is overwhelming for our lice technicians. Your technician has the experience to find the nits that hide in the hair and to extract them, safely and without chemicals. It takes practice to be adept at this task and our technicians are qualified. Call LiceDoctors in New Hampshire for prompt in-home service at your convenience at 800-224-2537.

hand picked nits on a paper towel