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Does My Child Have Head Lice?

Updated on May 14, 2017

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Head lice have been making the rounds in the Fort Worth and surrounding area schools over the past few months. Heather C., a mother of 3 elementary school children in Fort Worth, called us to say that she wasn't sure what to look for in her children although they had been exposed to head lice in school. "I continue to check their hair and I don't see anything, but then again I'm not sure what I am looking for. I look at my kids to see if they are itchy or if they show any other signs of lice but I'm not sure of what I am doing. What exactly am I looking for?" Here are five signs that suggest that your child has head lice:

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  • Your child has just spent a lot of time with a friend who turns out to have head lice. Even worse is that your child has just had an overnight date with a friend who turns up with lice. Sleepovers carry a high risk for children to contract head lice as they are in such close contact with each other over an extended period of time. Head lice crawl from head-to-head and if the children are sleeping near each other the risk of transmission is high.
  • You treated your child for lice using chemicals and have not done a comprehensive follow-up plan. Chemical treatments are often ineffective in killing the lice and they certainly do nothing to the nits. Often, a few days after the initial treatment, nits become visible in the hair.
  • And of course the most telling sign: you see a live louse crawl out of your child's hair. Usually, when the case gets to this point, there are several other bugs in the hair. Eggs are easy to overlook, and not everybody is itchy, so it may take seeing a bug in the hair to alert you to the fact that your child has head lice. Whether an infestation is mild or advanced, the same techniques are available and effective to eradicate the infestation. All the nits must be removed, so the more nits that are in the hair, the longer it will take to get them all out.

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If you find that your child has head lice, LiceDoctors offers professional treatment services to eradicate the infestation. LiceDoctors treatments are fully effective, come with a guarantee, and 250,000 satisfied clients to back us up!