Does Medication Kill Lice?

pipette dripping into chemical test tubes

Many parents start their lice treatment journey by using OTC or prescription lice treatment medication. Often these lice medications are not effective and sometimes they cause side effects.

Lice Medications and their Possible Side Effects

When you discovered head lice in your family, you may have run out to the drug store to purchase a lice-killing shampoo. Possibly, you called the pediatrician to get a lice medication prescription.  If, however, you have a friend who has gone through the ordeal, then you are up the learning curve and know that most lice are resistant to these chemicals. Before you try any lice medication, it is good to know what their potential side effects are. Sources are,

OTC Lice Products

Most contain pyrethrin or permethrin; lice have developed a resistance to both of these chemicals. Possible side effects include itchiness, inflamed skin, and trouble breathing.

Prescription Products:

Benzil Alcohol—Brand name is Ulesfia—can cause skin irritation and itchinessgraphic image of toxic seeming chemical in scientific beaker

Ivermectin—Brand name is Sklice—can cause eye irritation and itchy skin 

Lindane—Possible carcinogen—can cause seizures

Malathion—Can cause burns and eye infections

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