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Doctor Tells Pregnant Woman to Stay Away from Chemical Lice Treatments

pregnant woman holding hands over belly in the shape of a heart.

Updated on July 17, 2020

Doctor tells patient that she should not use lice chemicals when she is pregnant. Below we relay what he told her.

Ariel in Indianapolis called us recently to thank us for helping her family to get rid of the case of head lice that had infested the family. She shared with us a meaningful tale of caution for pregnant women. She is pregnant with her third child and when she discovered that she has head lice, she immediately called her pediatrician to ask his advice about chemical lice shampoos. He advised her to call LiceDoctors. He told her that he has recommended us to many patients and that he called us in when his own kids had lice. 

The reason for that is, he said, that LiceDoctors all-natural treatments work and are SAFE. He proceeded to tell her that when a woman is pregnant and uses the chemical pesticides, he puts her in what he called “category x”. When she questioned him as to the meaning of this, he told her that the ingredients in the chemical pesticide lice shampoos can have a “neurotoxic” effect on the babyinfant hand resting on palm of adult hand implying help and safety. and that the pregnancy can be risky. While we do not know for sure long term effects from usage of pediculicides, certainly it is safer for pregnant women to stay away from chemicals. LiceDoctors all natural treatments work to get rid of your head lice problems without dangerous chemicals. 

Isn’t that a safer option for pregnant and non-pregnant women? Questions?  Feel free to call us at 317-759-2699. LiceDoctors will make your life a lot easier by dispatching a professional lice technician to take care of you and your family in the comfort of your own home. If you are in the Indianapolis area, call for help today.