Do Lice Like All Hair Types?

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Mary, a mom in Nashville, called us to say that she had found lice in one of her children's hair. She is the mother of three biological children who are Caucasian and three adopted children who are African-American. Mary specifically asked if her African-American children were immune from lice as she had read that somewhere. She had also heard that lice prefer blonde hair to brown hair and one of her biological children is blonde.

These are common misconceptions; lice like all hair types. It is true that African-Americans are less likely to become infested with lice but the reason for that is the typical use of gel and oil in the hair as part of the styling regimen or the popularity of braids. Lice are not particularly picky; if they can reach the hair and use it as a ladder to get to their food, which is the blood in the scalp, they will do so. To that end, there is one type of hair that lice prefer and that is long hair. If the hair is long and the louse can access it, it is easier for the bug to climb up to the head. Hair color is irrelevant to lice in terms of their preference. Also lice do not care if the hair has been dyed or not. The relevance of hair color pertains to identification of the lice. It is a little easier to see lice and their eggs in blonde hair. Since the eggs (nits) have a translucent shell which covers the brown baby bug, against a blonde background the encased baby bug will appear to stand out more than it will against a brown background, where it will camouflage. Also the relevance of hair dye is that when applied to a head that is infested with lice, it will kill most of the live bugs. It will do nothing to the eggs. And again lice do not care if the hair has been dyed or not if they are trying to find a new head. If lice have found their way into your hair, give LiceDoctors a call in Tennessee at 800-224-2537. We will help you out today or whenever you need us. We guarantee it!

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