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A Do-It Yourself Mom Decides that it's Time to Bring in Lice Professionals

Updated on April 11, 2017

Young client getting treatment in Cedar Rapids Iowa - LiceDoctors

Kate W. from Cedar Rapids is the mother of a 10 year old boy and a 12 year old girl. Kate takes pride in the fact that she grows her own vegetables, makes all the meals in the house, and is the go-to repair person in the family. When her two kids started scratching their heads, Kate, the always competent, realized early on that they had contracted a case of head lice. As with everything else in her life Kate did some research and taking recommendations from the Internet, she armed herself with lice treatment chemicals. She followed directions to a T but two weeks later, to her chagrin, she noticed that her two kids were scratching again. Kate thought, "OK this is more challenging than I thought it would be. I will call the doctor and get a prescription product." You can probably guess the outcome of this. Long story short, Kate spent $300 on the prescription, applied it and again the treatment failed to work. Our LiceDoctors technician is working her magic on a very relieved young client. As you can imagine, Kate is not alone in this endeavor and outcome. Perhaps you are reading this blog because you too have tried to use lice chemical treatments and have learned that they are not effective. In fact, a major recent study shows that lice have developed a resistance to chemicals in many states across the United States. After investing four weeks of time and energy, as well as a lot of money in do-it-yourself treatments, Kate had an epiphany: "It's time to bring in the professionals!" Again, Kate went online to do research. She chose LiceDoctors she said because "I like that you have more experience than other companies out there. I was impressed that there's a medical doctor on staff and that your lice operators use no chemicals in treatment. When I called at 10 o'clock at night and a person answered the phone, I felt an immediate sense of relief. After speaking with the woman, I felt reassured and arranged for the technician to be at my house at 8 AM the following morning. Once LiceDoctors arrived at my house, I knew I had made the right decision. I watched with interest as Elizabeth expertly treated my son and daughter. She insisted that she check me as well. I informed her that I felt no signs of itchiness. I learned from her that not everybody feels itchy from head lice. To my shock she pulled out four bugs and several nits from my hair. If I had not called in the experts, I would still be fighting these unpleasant creatures!" There is no need to suffer alone or to fight a battle that is often lost unless you are not a trained professional. LiceDoctors knows how to recognize lice and find camouflaged lice eggs (nits) in your hair. Call us the Cedar Rapids area at 319-382-6720. Your experienced lice technician will come equipped to put your head lice case in the rear view mirror...where it belongs!