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The Do’s and Do Not’s of Head Lice Treatment

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Updated on July 19, 2020

You have probably read a lot of conflicting information about head lice. Below, we summarize some of the do’s and do not’s of head lice treatment based on 20 years experience in the field. Some of these may surprise you.

Do NOT do these things:

  • Do NOT use chemicals to eradicate lice. They are not effective in penetrating the eggs and often do not kill the bugs which have become highly resistant.
  • Do NOT pack up all of your kids toys, brushes, hair bows, or stuffed animals. There is absolutely no benefit in doing that. Lice cannot live off of the head more than a few hours.
  • Do NOT wash all of your children’s clothes or vacuum and scrub the house. The same reason as above.
  • Do NOT ignore the case on the head. A case of lice will not go away by itself. It will only continue to get worse.
  • Do NOT be ashamed or embarrassed. Head lice are very common and are not associated with poor hygiene.

DO These instead: 

  • DO look for signs of head lice on the head weekly on your children. The earlier you catch a case, the easier it is to get rid of.
  • DO use a magnifier and a bright light to help you to see the bugs and eggs.
  • DO tell your child’s friends’ families about the head lice so that they can have their child checked. Not only will you be doing a service for the friend but you will help to ensure that the friend does not give the lice back to your child.
  • DO be sure that all family members are checked. Head lice are very contagious and if one family member has it, chances are others do as well.
  • DO call LiceDoctors if you find head lice. An experienced last technician will be at your home when you want her to put an end to the lice infestation.

For more information on what to do (or not do) if your family gets lice, check out our Education Center. LiceDoctors will help you anywhere in the Fort Worth area. Give us a call and a lice expert will make a house call to you and take the burden of lice treatment off your shoulders. Call us anytime at 817-886-8290 .